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LED Search Lights and Border Lights

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Product Abstract:

Search Lights. Border Lights, LED Search Lights for country border. We offer quality high power LED flood Lights for country border & tower. High energy efficiency and exceptional brightness. Long life span and 5 Years warranty.

Product Description

Search Lights – LED Border Lights


The introduction of Search Lights has revolutionized the Border or Perimeter Security Lighting Systems. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) GATEWAY Program conducted a detailed study on use of LED Border Lights and found a staggering reduction of 69% in energy consumption. With rapid technological advancements, high efficiency, white daylight color, low maintenance and great controllability, LED Search Lights have garnered a good great deal of attention among Border and Perimeter Security Agencies. We offer search lights worldwide.


1.    U.S. DOE Border Lights at Yuma, Arizona

With ambient temperatures up to 44 Deg. Celsius and a high luminous flux application, LED lights came across a big challenge. The task was to illuminate the area between primary and secondary fences with a distance of 125 ft between the two fences and 180 ft between two lighting poles, making an area of 11,250 sq. ft. The requirements were to provide at least an average illuminance of 30 lux, a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) between 4000 & 5000 K, to ensure a good white light and an efficiency more than 65 lumens per watt. Initially three Quartz Metal Halide lights were installed on each pole, consuming 1080 W per QMH light. The test proved to be very successful, two lights were mounted on each pole with 8 light squares in each, out of which 12 were faced towards primary fence and 4 towards secondary. The LED lights provided an efficacy of 97.2 lumens per watt with a consumption of only 400 W per light, 4000 K CCT was easily acheived, a uniformly distributed average illuminance greater than QMH lights was received in the critical areas and the Color Rendering Index (CRI) was also greater than QMH lights.


LED Search Lights


Search Lights


2.    Highly Efficient Energy Consumption

The traditionally used fluorescent and incandescent lights convert a high amount of energy into heat, which is then wasted by dissipation into surroundings. On the other hand, the temperature of border lights is not raised even after continuous operation, as it do not emanate heat energy to produce light. This also makes them one of the safest lighting systems, with minimum cases of electric short circuiting and subsequent fire accidents.

The performance of LED search lights can be easily above 85 lumen per watt of power consumed. This results in 70~80 % low requirement of energy to generate approximately same lumens as the traditional lighting systems and thereby, results in a direct electricity cost saving.


Search Lights for detecting illegal immigration


LED Border Light for Detection of Illegal Immigration


3.    Lower Maintenance Cost

The life expectancy of LED lights is 10 times more than the traditional filament based lights. Incandescent lights require a significant amount of time to warm up before generating the required lumens and similarly, these lights require the same amount of time to turn off, and frequently or rapidly turning on and off can easily result in damaging the filament of the light. For an application like Border or Perimeter Security, ready availability of lighting system is necessary which is now easily provided by technically advanced border lighting systems which turns On & Off within milliseconds.

LEDs are impervious to breakage as they are encased in unbreakable, tough, small and smart coverings, which are usually compliant for outdoor use as per International Standards for Ingress Protection against dust particles and water jets from any direction. This results in lowering service, repair and maintenance costs.

Unlike, its predecessors, LED Border Lights do no fail instantly, leaving behind loop holes in the border security, rather, they gradually dim and thus provide the user enough time to replace it with a new one.

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