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Cheap studio lighting. LED Studio Lights for cheap price. 2000W Hard lights, LED photography luminaries. You can find quality LED lights for filming at LedsMaster. We offer good & cheap filming lights. CRI 95, IP66, 80000 hours life span. We offer global delivery.

Product Description

LED Studio Lighting: Cheap Studio Lighting Selection Tips


We are LED manufacutrer of studio lighting for cheap price. LED lights for studio provide proper light source for photography. By setting up the light source inside studio in different angles, you can get no shadow illumination for objects or portrait photography. Our products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. At the indoor situation such as warehouse and factory scenario, you will need large and concentrated lights. For outdoor situation like parking lot or sports fields, your filming lights need to travel a long distance while maintaining brightness. This is a hard light.


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Our 2000W LED is equipped with Bridgelux chips, which is a mainstream in the market. The highlights of LED lights include 140 lm/W lighting efficiency, CRI 95, 80000 hours life span, and dimmability. The filming luminaires obtain TUV, ETL/UL, CE and RoHS certification as well. With its 280,000 lumen output, you can achieve super bright environment at night.


LED filming lights product overview


Heat sink is our strength of LED lights for studio. You may feel very hot to touch for your current film lights because high power LED filming flood light generates lots of heat. Strong heat can also damage the LED chips as well. Therefore, LedsMaster puts a lot of efforts on reducing the heat generation of filming bulbs. We attach the dense circular fins at the back of each bulb seamless. These extended fins have very large surface area, which assist heat loss. You can buy quality filming lights for cheap price at LedsMaster.

Another feature is adjustable angle structure. This LED photography lighting is a very high power photography luminary, and thus it is not expected to transfer it very frequently. With this design, you can perform fine adjustment on the direction of illumination. You can enjoy 50°rotation on each column, or row if you place the luminary with the adjacent side at the bottom.


LED studio lighting for cheap price, and on sale

Apart from commercial use, the lighting fixtures can be placed at your backyard. Our LED luminaries have IP66 water-proof protection. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the size of your venue, we offer LED studio lights having power from 100 watt to 2000 watt. For much info and the studio lights for cheap, competitive price, please contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your message.

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