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LED Tennis Court Lighting for outdoor and indoor

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Product Abstract:

Our tennis court lights are installed in over 500 outdoor and indoor tennis court, LED lights for tennis court expert.

Product Description

LED Tennis Court Lighting for indoor and outdoor Tennis Lights Tips


We manufacture LED lights for tennis court, that is usually for outdoor and indoor tennis lights. With more than 500 projects involved, we improve quality of LED lights for tennis court from time to time, without increasing the price. Despite of cheap tennis court lights, the price is inversely proportional to quality. Since we have our own factory, we can control the price and monitor the quality of LED tennis lights. The outdoor and indoor lights are specially design for tennis court to offer bright and uniform illumination. LED is an energy-saving option for tennis court lights because of its high luminous efficiency.


LED indoor and outdoor Tennis Court lights


Tennis Court Lighting LED lights for tennis court


There are still many tennis lights are in metal halide form. You might need to replace the lighting for tennis court, especially outdoor, for every few months because of its low life span. This is not user-friendly, time & money consuming because we need to employ to workers to repair and replace. Nonetheless, now you can consider the new approach, which is tennis court LED lighting. No matter outdoor or indoor, tennis lighting in LED form greatly reduce your energy bill and chance of maintenance.


LED tennis court lighting has 130 lumen per watt luminous efficiency (45% energy saving based on 75 lm/W metal halide lamps). For instance, 50 watt outdoor LED tennis light replaces 300 watt MH lamps. Besides, LED has 80,000 hours life span for 25 years working period (based on 8h per day). By doing the LED replacement for tennis court lights, the owner saves tons of money on energy expenses and maintenance fees. Let’s purchase the outdoor tennis lights today.


Indirect tennis court lighting. To further enhance the lighting uniformity which gives better user experience, LedsMaster develops indirect way to light up tennis court. The principle is place the LED tennis lights toward the ceiling and then use the reflection to illuminate the sports field underneath. However, this indirect tennis lighting for outdoor and indoor is subjected to a limitation – if the ceiling is reflective. Though it gives better thermal management and tennis court lighting uniformity, the energy consumption is higher. Please consult our engineer for much info.


Outdoor & Indoor tennis lighting LED for tennis court


Quality indoor lighting for tennis court is different from outdoor tennis light application. How to define quality? Apart from energy efficiency, life span and lighting uniformity, we need to consider several factors. For indoor, LED tennis lights should have good heat dissipation system, with the fact that too much heat accumulation leads to decline of life cycle. We invest a lot to modify the heat sinks. Now, we have the passive systems that include extended aluminum bars to dissipation heat to surroundings. It is not recommended to use the active cooling method such as fan because it affects the water-proof function.


When it comes to outdoor LED tennis lights, we need to ensure the LEDs are water-tight and dust-tight because any ingress will damage the tennis court lighting fixtures. We obtain IP66 certification on out products so that they can tolerate rainy or stormy days. We understand that some countries may have persist bad weather such as snowstorm. Based on this, the LED lights for outdoor tennis court can be stored and functionable under -40C.


We are proficient in providing professional LED lighting solutions for tennis court, no matter indoor or outdoor tennis court lights. If you want the free audit and opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us (email: beatus@ledsmaster.com), of if you prefer using the information form, please feel free to fill in the enquiry at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to solving your problems.

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