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LED Track Lighting with Dimmable and Color Changing Function

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Product Description

Dimmable and Color-changing LED Track Lighting with Wireless Remote Control Function


As the name suggests, Track lights are lights mounted on rail device or LED track lighting fixtures containing electrical conductors. Beautiful looking dimmable and color changing track lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor remoted use. The rail can be mounted on walls or ceilings, in both vertical or horizontal positions or even in crosswise. For high ceilings, these LED track lights can be hung with the help of rods which results in better illumination on target areas. To assist the control of dimming and color alternation, wireless panel is provided for the track lights, and the RGB remote is used. Aesthetically appealing low power and very high efficiency LED Track Lights gives you the best illumination with perfect light structures, absorbing Correlated Color Temperature and great Color Rendering Index. The direction and angle of each light on the track can be adjusted to give you the illumination where it is required the most. The low power LED chips will significantly cut your costs on the electricity bills.


Color changing wirelessly controlled dimmable track lighting


How to Install Track Lighting?


Installing both Decorative Track Lighting and Industrial Track Lighting is not as complex as it might seem. One can easily install these lights by his/her own self. If the track light is newly bought, a kit must have come with it, otherwise, the dimming track lighting kits are easily available in the market.


As shown in the diagram below, a track light comprises of a box which is covered on the hole from where, electrical wirings are available. A mounting plate is first installed on the box and wire connectors are installed. As per measurements, markings are made and the track is then mounted on the mounting plate. The lighting fixture is then installed and live wire is then connected to the light wires. Your wireless ceiling color-changing track lighting is installed and ready to be used. You can also select the color changing module for the track lights.



Track light installation


One can install these decorative track lighting as per his her own track lighting ideas, however, the most common ones are vertical, horizontal and crosswise. These track lights are also available in different curvy designs to cover the entire ceiling in unique and attractive styles. A dimmer may also be installed with these lights to control the light intensity. The luminous flux can be adjusted as per mood through dimmers installed with dimmable LED track lighting.


Selection and installation of indoor and decorative track lighting is comparatively simple when compared to industrial track lighting or outdoor track lighting. For outdoor or industrial use, one must not go for cheap track lighting, rather safer and more durable lighting options shall be adopted. For outdoor use, it shall be ensured that the lights are rigid enough to bare harsh rainy and dusty environments. It shall be ensured that the housing and fixtures are compactly manufactured, such that rainy water and dust does not ingress inside the electrical wiring. This can cause short circuiting, fires and early deterioration of internal parts, resulting in higher maintenance cost. To avoid ingress of dust and wind, tightly sealed track lighting fixtures are easily available in the market. Further, for professional or industrial use, other factors such as standard requirement of lux levels at target locations shall be met, through proper selection of efficient LED light chips with dimmiable and color changing functions.


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