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Product Abstract:

LED Tunnel Lights. With a high level of brightness and uniformity ensuring the safety and security of road tunnel users. LED Tunnel Lighting reduces cost of your electricity bill up to 70%. It is compatible to user-friendly control and instant turn on and off. We offer cost-effective & High Quality 100 watts to 500 watts LED. They can retrofits your old MH or HPS luminaries.

Product Description

LED Tunnel Lights – LED Road Tunnel Lighting


Application of LED Tunnel Lights


Strengths of the LED tunnel lights

LED tunnel lights has been more common in roadway illumination. Many of the LED lights for roadway tunnel can replace the old Metal Halide or High-intensity Discharge lamps. It is because they have exclusive strengths and advantages over the conventional luminaries. For instance, 4 to 5 times more life span, 60% brighter and 70% energy saving. It is worthwhile to install the LED tunnel lights. It is preferred by majority of electrical contractors to select LED because of the above advantages. The new era of hybrid and electric car increases the traffic demand on roads. And thus reliable, long-lasting luminaries are essential nowadays. Image that it is very undesirable to repair and maintain the luminaries inside subways.


Durability of the LED tunnel lighting

In fact, apart from energy efficiency, there are numerous considerations are needed to be taken. For instance, weather it is water-proof, anti-shock and material of the LED tunnel lights. Roadway may encounter adverse weather condition. LedsMaster products has IP66, shock-proof and aluminum shell and glass lens that fits for installation inside underground passage. We offer large variety of floodlights for underground passage. Drivers’ vision is another paramount factor. To provide better user experience, the LED tunnel lighting system must not induce shadow illumination throughout the roadways. LedsMaster solves this by developing the complicated optics that emit broad and even lights underground.


open design


We are so proud of our heat dissipation system that helps enhance the endurance and tolerance of LED tunnel Lights. It is true that heat does generated inside any kind of luminaries. Strong heat will damage the electronics and thus suppress the brightness and life span. To solve this issue, LedsMaster tunnel lights are equipped with dense fins base plate. It provides large surface area for passive heat lost. There is seamless connection between the heat source and the fins to achieve better effect. Overall, the junction temperature can be maintained at a low range.


We are leading LED tunnel lights manufacturer. We sell quality luminaries and provide professional DIALux simulation for your projects. Before the purchase, we always offer free estimation report on how the underground passage lights will act. So you can identify our LED tunnel lights will fulfills the requirement. Lighting design and consultation is important when communicating with our clients. Our engineers will proactively solve your enquiries and problems. We did the projects that involve straight or curved LED tunnel lights. They have 500 meters to 3 km long. And each project has different setting such as the separation between the fixtures, the brightness & color temperature requirement. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com or using the form below. We are looking forward to your message.



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