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LED Wall Washers

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Product Abstract:

LED Wall Washer that are compatible to very complex dynamic lighting effect or static color illumination. 16 million colors RGB Lights from LedsMaster. We offer RGB Color changing LED Wall Washer that has remarkable brightness.

Product Description

RGB LED Wall Washer


LedsMaster offers the LED Wall Washer that is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, which can light up over 30 meters. Our LED RGB lights have 16 million colors that can be controlled by computer, such as DMX Control. LedsMaster High Quality RGB Color Changing LED Wall Washer can emit both white light and different colors. Effective heat dissipation can also be found in our RGB Wall Lights so as to enhance the brightness and life span.


LED Wall Washer


Material of the LED Wall Washer


Using Aluminum Outer Shell to achieve anti-corrosive function. The LED Wall Washer have IP66 certification that withstand adverse weather condition when applied outdoor venues. Sometimes we may apply the color changing flood lights to harsh environment such as stormy building out wall or under scorching sun. Our water-tight and special design tolerates such the circumstances. The luminaries can operate within the temperature range of -25°C to 55°C.


LED RGB Wall Washer


LED Wall Washers: RGB Color Control


To achieve complicated lighting effects, a special USB-DMX512 device is connected between our LED Wall Washers and computer. Both automatic and manual color control is capable. As for the automatic part, the color changing can be synchronized with music input. The control is quite user-friendly. If you play the music, or press the single button inside the software, wonderful color changing effect will occur. If you want to see the video on YouTube, you can access to this link: LED Wall Washer Lighting.



Rotating Bracket


Rotating Bracket


The RGB Lights stand can perform 1-axis rotation, from 0° to 180°, which assists installation and application on different areas.



Heat Dissipation on LED-LedsMaster


Heat Dissipation


LedsMaster adopts patented Dense Aluminum Fins heat sink, which involves long fins extended from the LED Wall Washer. They provide large surface area to conduct the heat away and thus maintain low temperature within the chips unit. According to the research, persistent heat can damage the electronic chips inside the LED lights, which in turn lower the brightness and life span. Generally higher the power, more the heat generates. To solve this problem, an effective heat sink is vitally important.


Product Specification (LED Washer Lights of 120W)


We offer wide range of RGB Washer Lights having various powers from 120W to 1500W.


Item No. LS-FLS40-120-RGB

Light Source: Bridgelux

Power: 120W

Input Voltage: 90-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Luminous Efficiency: 85 lm/W

Power Factor: 0.95

Luminous Flux: 10,200 lm

Power Efficiency: 95%

Color Control: DMX-512 or USB-DMX512

Beam Angle: 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

Life Span: 90,000 hours

Work Temperature: -25°C to 55°C

Light Attenuation: 30% After 90,000 h

Waterproof: IP66

Net weight (with driver): 5.4 kg

Net body size: 386 x 105 x 215 mm

Net weight (without driver): 4.2 kg

Package size: 453 x 275 x 185 mm

Package weight: 7.8 kg



RGB Washer LED: Building Facade    Waterfall RGB lights



At LedsMaster, you can find high quality, energy efficient and LED wall washer for your outdoor facade, interior decoration or any other applications. We provide free color control design & idea as well. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or filling in the info at the contract form below. We are looking forward to you message.

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