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LED baseball field lights

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Product Abstract:

Baseball lights. Baseball field lights can illuminate your sport stadium by our High Power LED. 5 Years Warranty, IP66 and 80,000 hours life span. Modular design and effective thermal management system inside the LED baseball lights.

Product Description

LED Baseball Lights – Baseball field lights


Baseball Field Lighting


Baseball field lights invigorate the games and improve the atmosphere of spectators and players. Nowadays, many sports fields have switched to LED baseball field lights because of its exceptional brightness and energy efficiency that save up to 80% of electricity bill per year, when comparing to metal halide lamps. LedsMaster provide you with significant energy saving options. We have the baseball field lights for sale.



Baseball field lights overview


No matter it is a recreational, professional or college sports fields, it is essential to install high quality and bright LED Flood Lights so provide appropriate illumination. It is because better vision of players and spectators can give a better use experience. Apart from brightness, energy consumption is another concern.


LedsMaster adopts LED technic for baseball stadium, because it uses 75% less energy than Metal Halide Lamps. Our Sports Lights has 80,000 hours as well, which is equivalent to 25+ years for 8 hours operation per day; therefore, this technology starts to gain its popularity.



Improved User Compliance of the baseball lights


Requirement of baseball field lights is demanding because of its large area. Too dim lighting will blur the vision while too uneven might irritate the people. We all know people are anticipating exciting experience in the match. Our professional and high quality LED Sports Luminaries can fulfill the needs of professional requirement.



Cost reduction


It is practical & worthwhile to install LED in this type of ball fields, although the price of light is a little bit higher than MH because of the high-ended technology involved. The arena electricity cost can be saved up to US$100,000 per year if you convert to our luminaries. Apart from electricity bill, it has 80,000 hours life span and thus reduce your maintenance frequency, as well as modular design for individual replacement of each unit.



LED baseball lights can save time & improve security


LED Ball Park Lighting can be turned on and off instantly, without 10-15 minutes warm up as observed in the conventional lighting. Our Ball Field Floodlight is also compatible to motion sensor that enhance the security of your stadium.



Outdoor & indoor baseball field lights


Recently people attach great importance to sustainable develop in society, using led baseball lights is one of the ways to achieve this. Green Lighting Source, non-toxic material, high energy efficiency, long life span.



LED baseball lights


Since we have baseball lights, if you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com. We are looking forward to your message.

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