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Led soccer stadium Lights

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Product Abstract:

LED soccer stadium lights

Product Description

The Ultimate for Versatility and the Best Solution Experiences!






Sports Arena



Power Reduced by 40%+



Low Cost

Very low lumen depreciation



No maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture



Nearly Instant On/Off

Allows for emergency



No warm-up/cool-down time



Color Consistency

Maintains high definition quality lighting




Power savings and design flexibility



Environmentally Safe

No hazardous chemicals



ROHS compliant



Optimized for HDTV/Sports Broadcasting

Laser Guided Field Aiming



U shape bracket

Ease of Installation




  95Ra, 2800K-7500K




Superior Efficiency & Control

In many cases, a Ledsmaster Sports Lighting installation can reduce fixture count by one-third to one-half, while doubling the amount of light reaching the playing surface.The right kind of stadium and arena lighting will deliver optimal light for activities, visual comfort for fans, and reduce light pollution outside of the venue.


2 Modular design

Modular designation ability to virtually match daylight while delivering precise, uniform light means broadcasters do not require supplemental lighting. In one modular designation installation, fixture count was reduced by more than half, foot candles increased from 148 to 277 and energy savings are projected to be 75%.



For the greatest control, modular designation  interfaces with the DMX and DALI control system to offer the ultimate fan experience.


Great ressistance& Sight Advantages

To guarantee the great resistance ,all our light are tested for 120 hours before in aging room before being shipped,which under going an extreme temperature cycle.Sporting venues have long been working to integrate the latest technologies in stadium lighting, and the introduction of floodlights was a step towards enhancing the viewing experience





IP66, -40℃ to 60℃


12V/24V DC 85-265V/90-305V/380V/480V AC Available


25, 40, 60, 90 degree


Adjustable bracket/U bracket


2700-3500K 5000-6000K 6500-7500K


Our LED stadium lights can save as much as 80% on electricity costs compared to traditional types of lighting. Reduced loads on cooling systems can increase that energy savings.  Additionally, with lifespans exceeding 80,000 hours of operation, the need for maintenance and replacement is also dramatically reduced, saving you even more.  This is especially helpful due to the fact that many sports facilities lights are in hard-to-reach and out-of-the-way locations, making bulb replacement difficult and expensive.

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