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Lights for Bocce Ball Court

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Product Description

Bocce Courts Lights - Solar LED Bocce Ball Court Lighting


We are LED company offering the bocce court lights. Comparing with metal halide lamps, LED bocce ball court lighting has higher brightness, longer life span and higher durability. Due to its energy saving properties, solar powered panel can be fitted easily for the lights in backyard. We will have a look at our indoor and outdoor bocce court lights. It is a team sports using lawn field, sand or concrete floor. It can be a reactional or professional sport. In fact, it is one of the most popular items in Southeast Asian Games.


Backyard Bocce Court Lights


How to light a bocce ball court?


The standard size is 26.5 * 4.5 = 120 square-meter. The lighting standard of outdoor bocce court is approximately 250 lux for amateur, while it raises to 600 to 800 lux for formal competitions. Okay, we know the size and lux requirement, how many power do we need? Take 250 lux as an example, we need 120 * 250 = 30,000 lumen, which is equivalent to 230 watt LED lights. To increase the lighting uniformity, we can have four 60W LED lights at each corner. Surely we need to look at the poles arrangement as well. If it has indoor ceiling, we can choose panel specialized for bocce court lights that provide broad and evenly distributed lights.


LED to replace metal halide or HPS for sports field, what are the advantages?


If you are looking for metal halide retrofit by using LED lights, it is a good choice because we can save energy at least 60%. As for life span, LED has the overwhelming working life cycle of 30 years, which is 20 times of metal halide lamps. If you want a wireless bocce court lighting for backyard, solar panel is a great accessory to add, which further reduce your electricity. For much info, please feel free to contact us by fill in your info at the bottom of this page. Or should you prefer direct email sending, please feel free to drop a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, thank you.

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