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Low Bay and High Bay Lights for High Ambient Temperature Areas

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Product Description

Low Bay and High Bay Heat Proof Lighting that Works under High Ambient Temperature


Are you looking for Low Bay or High Bay LED Lighting for warehouse and industrial plant? High ambient temperature resistant lighting (190F) is compulsory inside foundry for non-ferrous and steel manufacturing, food canneries, commercial kitchens, mining sites and refinery oil. We need heat proof light fitting as well as corrosion proof flood lamps for metal chemical plants or metal surface processing, because of the harsh and high ambient temperature and highly acidic environment. We supply high bay and low bay lighting fixtures for warehouse, chemical factories and other large indoor or areas. Let’s explore how can the price of our LED heat proof lighting products are cheap, but we have the good quality.


Low Bay Foundry and food processing plant high ambient temperature area LED high bay lighting


Why do we need high ambient temperature lighting for plants and foundries?


The working environment is quite harsh inside these heavy industries. Highly acidic or alkaline chemical production & extremely high temperature areas can be observed in aluminum & steel foundries. And thus, the lighting resisting high ambient temperature (about 180F, 190F, 200F, 210F or 220F) is the paramount light fitting inside these workhouses. During summer months, the condition will be even worse.


Low bay or high bay light indicates the height of affixation, instead of the degree of heat proof lights. The different industrial fittings, we need the unique or customized high-temperature area lighting system to achieve the best outcome.


LED industrial high ambient temperature lighting for mining site and chemical plant


Safer and more durable for heavy industries


LED is always regarded as safe and long-lasting for industrial lighting. Especially for the food canneries lighting, toxic-chemical free is the must-have characteristics. If the lights inside food processing area contains mercury or heavy metals as what metal halide, HPS, fluorescent or mercury vapors do, chances are that these toxins fall onto the food in the high ambient temperature areas, LED low bay lights are toxic-free and can tolerate 80C to 100C because they are made of quality aluminum alloy outer shell and heat resistant LED poly carbonate chips, which is fitted for the commercial kitchen lighting.


Thanks to our exclusive thermal management system, the junction and working temperature of high or low bay lights are maintained at a low range so as to prevent heat stress. The heat proof lamps can work and function consistently in mining sites. Water-proof is also guarantee for our high temperature mining lights. Our flood lamps are so water-tight to prevent any droplet or dust from entering the luminary body and thus damage them.


If you are interested in our LED lights that works under high ambient temperature, please feel free to contact us by filling in the information at the bottom of the page. If you prefer email sending, please feel free to contact us at beatus@ledsmaster.com. We are looking forward to your message.

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