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Motion Sensor LED Security Flood Lights

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Product Description

LED Security Lights – Motion Sensor Flood Lights


Do you want to keep your home safe by using the LED security lights? Do you wish to monitor your property easily? Our motion sensor flood lamps are for backyard, warehouse, patio, factory, or other outer walls, as they are durable and anti-glare, which makes it comfortable for you to monitor your premises. These LED outdoor securitylamps are equipped with sensitive motion detecting units and solar panels, which detect minor movement and trigger the illumination.


The lamps also give uniform dispersion so that every corner is properly illuminated, and nothing goes missed from your eyes. Motion-sensor LED lights is very important as it offers good protection to your place and keeps the surroundings properly illumination, so there is no chance of vandalism. Let’s have a look at our introduction!


LED security lamps


Where to install outdoor security lighting?

LED security lights should be installed at locations that are hard to reach so that there is minimum chance of vandalism or theft. To get uniform dispersion and even light distribution, the LED outdoor security lamps should be affixed on the top or at such a location where there are no barriers that can cause high contrast shadows. You can even place them on the ground or use the wall mounted ones, but make sure that the area is properly illuminated so there is no chance of vandalism or theft, as well as there is less barrier that blocks the motion-sensor floodlight illumination.


If you have the option of installing multiple LED security lamps instead of just one, do that because it will spread the brightness evenly across the perimeter. If you want to install the LED security light on entry or exit ways, you should choose a lower light level so that the luminous intensity is not too much, and it is easy on the eyes of the passersby. Some LED security light fixtures have photocells built-in and they can be controlled using the photo controls that are remotely installed. Outdoor security lighting should be arranged in such a way so that no one can reach it. These lights are very durable, and are resistant to shock and water. These lights are also built to withstand bad weather such as rains and storms.


The floodlights have motion sensor components. The function includes adjusting the sensitivity, whether it allows kitten or puppy, or the lights are triggered just by human. By calibrating a few times in your backyard. If you want to sun light to power up the lamps, we can add the solar powered unit onto security lights.


How to choose the right LED security lights?

Choosing a warmer co-related color temperature for security LED lamp is a good choice for entrance ways and parks as this temperature is more inviting and comfortable to the eyes. For locations such as ATMs, banks, and other locations where extra security is needed, installing the lighting fixtures with cooler color temperature are a better option. The cooler co-related color temperature gives better visibility to the cameras and thus it is good for those locations where the area is monitored through cameras.


An LED security flood light offers years of affordable illumination for commercial and residential areas. These outdoor lights can be installed in patios, yards, driveways, garages, and warehouses to improve the security of the vicinity. Motion-sensor lights with a rating of IP65 are widely used for outdoor lighting projects too such as patios, gardens, courts, and billboards. These lamps serve to be a good option for security purpose as they are very durable and weather proof too. These high-performance lamps maintain an output of 70% and provide excellent service throughout their lifespan.


Please feel free to contact us for much info, our email address is beatus@ledsmaster.com. If you prefer using the contact form, you are welcome to fill in the information at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message.

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