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Off Road LED Light Bar

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Product Abstract:

Off Road Light Bar, LED Offroad Lights. Find the Offroad LED Lights for car. 5 Years warranty, on sale. We offer worldwide delivery and free customization.

Product Description

LED Off Road Light Bar


Off Road LED Light Bar


How to tackle the dim, outdoor, and harsh environment? The off road LED light bar has become the important accessory of your vehicle when you drive around the mountain. By making use of the strong light, you can tackle the dusty, foggy roadways. LedsMaster offers the off road LED light bars that are highly durable, to overcome the uneven surface of poorly constructed roads.


Off Road LED Light Bar


Off road LED light bar is needed in order to have the bright illumination of the road surface. Sometimes we will need about 60 to 200 watt LED lights, depending on your necessity such as type of road way and the size of your vehicle. The LED off road light bar can be attached to bumper or on the top of the SUV. The power supply is 12V or 24V so it is compatible to your car battery. Once you have the offroad LED light bars, you will have the portable flood lights traveling around.


Why do we need the LED off Road light bar? Street lights are not available in many situations such as remoting rural area and desert. Having the proper offroad light bars for car can enhance the safety of road users and animals. The strong illumination can not only alert the animals in advance, but also help you dodge the obstacles.


To reduce your energy burden on car battery, selecting the LED off road light bar is a good choice. It is because LED has exceptionally high luminous efficiency, which is up to 145 lumen per watt. Apart from energy saving, the LED light bar for off road has anti-shock lens and durable case. We understand that we may encounter the unexpected impact on the luminaires. Besides, this waterproof light bar for car can withstand both the natural and artificial water splash. If it is covered by dusty and mud, you can use the water jet to clean them, just like how you do to your machine.


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