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Power Plant Lighting

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Product Description

Power Plant Lights


Power plant lighting


What is the importance of power plant lighting? Without it, the power station cannot operate for 24/7 safe to provide adequate energy for the cities. LED power plant lights are mainstream products for this large area, it is because LED is suitable for broad and even illumination. It is high time to consider this new luminaire and explore its advantages.


This infrastructure is like the sun, which supplies energy endlessly. Despite its energy sufficiency, it is better to select the power-saving lights for power station. It is because this can reduce its energy burden and cost of operation.


Advantages of LED power plant lighting


This product is suitable for various kind of station such as nuclear, solar, wind and coal plants. The LED lights for power plants will be slightly different from each other. For the nuclear one, the luminaires are of highest standard of safety. The LED lights do not produce spark because of its working principle, which does not involve high-voltage triggering process. The operating voltage is only 12V or 24V. If your plant generates renewable energy, our LED power plant light is compatible to solar energy. You can directly utilize the resource inside the site. To further improve the safety, we boost the lighting efficiency from 140 to 170 lumens per watt. Therefore, the brightness is increased by 21%, and hence, we can use the flood lights having lower power.


Besides, our engineers will design the proper lighting arrangement for your power station, so as to give uniform illumination improving the vision of users. Adequate and appropriate lights for power station is the perquisite of safe operation.


If you wish to find out more, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are eager to solve your enquiries.

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