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Professional Lighting Project Design with Dialux


We've been working with Dialux for Indoor & Outdoor projects over past 7 years. With over 1000+ installations worldwide, we have succesfully merge our experience with different projects.


We're especially good at sport facilities, indoor and outdoor sport stadium, wharehouse, factory, park and so on. We have assist in design of many world Hocky Stadium, Football stadium, basketball stadium and so on.


All These design, we use Dialux software as main tools.


With this software you can design, calculate and visualize light professionally –from Single room to outdoor scenes. You can have most of the results closely and precisely simulated, and make the installation predicable and easy.


We have good expericence over past years and our main working including 3 stadiums which has later been used in Olympic games, we have also proejcts been FIFA standard, and has hold at least 100+ FIFA standard games already.


Choose us for more professional products and design, contact us for more details:  beatus@ledsmaster.com


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