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RGB LED Flood Lights

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Product Abstract:

Color Changing LED Flood Light. Find the RGB Flood Lights. RGB LED Flood Lights, for Outdoor & Indoor. Get the Colored Flood Lights. 5 Years Warranty. Worldwide Delivery.

Product Description

RGB LED Flood Lights: Color Changing LED Flood Lights


RGB LED Flood Lights


We are a lighting company who are specializing in color changing LED flood lights. We have involved in the RGB flood lighting field for more than 10 years. Have you ever wondered that how to produce astonishing and colorful lighting effects on the wall of building and arena? It requires the RGB LED flood lights. We can apply the high power LED RGB lights to large areas for decorative purpose.


Color Changing LED flood light: the principle of RGB color changing


The RGB flood lights can produce 16 million colors illumination because it uses three channels include red, green and blue. By adjusting the proportion of each Red, Green and Blue constituent, different colors can be produced. Our color changing LED flood lights are compatible to USB, DMX512 input and output. To manipulate it, you can connect the light in series and then plug the hardware to your laptop. The user interface of the software is very user-friendly, which is suitable for layman. One of the most popular effect is synchronization of music with light. Once you play the music, the software can receive the signal, and then produce the respective colors according to the frequency of sound. To produce the smooth transition of color variation, you can reduce the sensitivity and rate of reading the sound signal coming from outside. The color changing LED RGB flood lights have the very high potential to produce professional and commercial lighting effect.


Modes of the RGB LED Flood Lights


The color changing LED flood lights can perform the static and dynamic color variation. For the static control, you can set the specific colors, like red, orange, green or any colors and illuminate one of them for a long period of time, and manually change the color from time to time. It is suitable for building facade lights.


Now you may ask, if I prefer automatic alternation of color, what should I do? Our RGB LED Flood Light supports dynamic color control. The software has many default templates for lighting effects. Just clicking the buttons and leave it here, stunning lighting effect will occur.


If you would like to get the quote and free RGB flood lighting design, please do not hesitate to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you wish to use contact form, please feel free to leave your message at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to you message. Thank you very much.

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