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RGB Wall Washer LED Lights

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Product Abstract:

RGB Wall Washer. LED Wall Washer RGB Lights. Find user-friendly LED RGB Lights for Wall. 5 Years Warranty. Worldwide Delivery.

Product Description

RGB Wall Washer – RGB LED Wall Washer


RGB Wall Washer


We are LED manufacturing company specializing in RGB Wall Washer. We have participated in LED RGB Lighting field for 10 years. This is the popular product at LedsMaster, because it can product very complex color-changing lighting effect. We can install the rgb wall washer for stadium light show, stage lighting, decoration of building facade, household backyard, living room and more. You can enjoy nice spread and broad array of colorful lights.


RGB Wall Washer: how to achieve astonishing RGB wall lighting effect?


Some may worry about we need an engineer to control the colors of the RGB Wall Washer, and it will be very difficult to master the skills. Indeed, anyone can manipulate the colors with ease. First thing you need to do is to connect the LED RGB Wall washer with a device, which in turn connected to computer. Afterwards, you can control the colors of washer lights by the software. Just a few clicks then you can see the amazing lighting effects. Says if you connect 20 sets of lights in series, each luminary can produce different colors at the same time. The RGB wall washer supports 16 million colors.


RGB LED Wall Washer Lights


Why using LED RGB Wall Washer Lights?


LED is the exclusive technique for RGB wall washer lights. We use red, green and blue channels, each one can be adjusted to 0 to 255. For example, pure red is 255,0,0 and white light is 255,255,255. Besides, LED is a relatively energy-saving and flexible luminary. It uses current to drive the electrons inside semi-conduction, and only 5% of energy is lost as heat. Also, you can select various power and beam angle combination. Smaller angle for more concentrated light beam.


Another advantage is UV-free. You may consider if the RGB wall washer emits harmful UV light that has the wavelength lower than 400 nm. During the manufacturer, our professional engineer preset the useable wavelength to be 420 to 680 nm. Therefore, it is safe to use our products.


Easy maintenance. The LED RGB Wall washer lights use 40W individual chips, each chip forms a module. If a module is broken, you can replace that one with a new component. It saves your times and cost of repair.


If you would like to get the quote and much info, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or +1 213-438-9858 (US). If you want to use contact form, please feel free to fill in the info at the bottom of the page. We are eager to solve your enquiries and provide you with RGB Wall washer of highest quality.

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