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Recessed Ceiling Lights

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Product Description

Recessed Ceiling Lights


We offer the recessed ceiling lights. We promote the use of LED because of its energy efficiency and long life span. The LED recessed lights for sloped ceiling give the proper illuminance for your outdoor or indoor garage, living room, shop, warehouse, factory and more. To help you to choose the proper size such as 4-inch vaulted ceiling lights, we divide this page into several part, you can select the most suitable application by looking at the sub-topics, such sloped ceiling, vaulted ceiling and drop ceiling recessed lamps.


Sloped ceiling recessed lighting


Recessed lighting for sloped ceiling and vaulted ceiling


The sloped ceiling recessed lighting is installed in the inverted V-shaped housing roof. Due to its special shape, the structure of the vaulted ceiling is included to fit the holes. Since it is necessary to ensure the luminaries are of compact size and tight-fit improve the overall appearance of the interior design, we offer free tailor-made service for each order. You can see almost every roof has different height and angle. To have the perfect lighting design, you can let us know the incline angle and the depth of roof; therefore, we can offer you with the sloped ceiling recessed lamp that perfectly inserted to the top.


Apart from the size, power and wattage, you can also select the color temperature ranged from 2800 to 7500K. 5500K is the natural white light, while 2800K is warm color if you want the relaxing recessed lights for sloped ceiling. We also have a unique design on the luminaires. The issue is that high temperature air may accumulate to the space between the ceiling. Overheat is very dangerous as it may catch fire. To prevent it from happening, we install the effective heat sink. We have different sizes such as 4 inch sloped ceiling recessed light for you to choice.


Drop ceiling recessed lighting


Drop ceiling recessed lights


Recessed lights for drop ceiling can be applied to indoor like household, as well as outdoor such as gas station. To fit in the holes, we have a complete product lines. Furthermore, you can let us know the size, the diameter of the luminaires can be tailor-made. For the outdoor application, brightness and lighting uniformity is the major concern. Generally speaking, 200 lux will be enough for most of the outdoor venues; however, some countries may impose the specific standard on the lux requirement such 300 to 400 lux. Before purchasing the drop ceiling recessed lamp, it is highly recommended to consult the lighting design expert, so you can get the accurate luminaires arrangement.


For the lighting uniformity, we suggest having 0.6 to 0.7, which is very smooth and uniform for human eye. It should be noticed that the price of the drop ceiling recessed lights will increase with the lighting uniformity, if you pursue too high uniformity. It is because we need to have a more complex optics and combination on beam angle and power use.


To get the free lighting design, you are welcome to send as the email at beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, please feel free to let us know at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to you message.

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