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Refinery Lighting

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Product Abstract:

Refinery Lighting, LED Oil Refinery Lights. Explosion proof refinery light. Low cost refinery light fixture for gas industry, petroleum storage. Global delivery.

Product Description

LED Refinery Lighting – Oil Refinery Lights Tips


LED Oil Refinery Lights


LedsMaster is a LED company offering the refinery lighting. The gas industry is usually located in a remote place because of safety reasons. This infrastructure turns petroleum and crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt and more. LED refinery lighting takes the important role in providing proper illumination across the oil cracking site, in order to have 24/7 operation of the oil refineries especially at night. Let’s explore the advantages of the LED refinery lights.


Energy saving LED Refinery Lighting


The major reason for you to select LED lights for oil refinery is its energy saving capability. After the metal halide or HID replacement for oil refinery, you save 70% of energy. It is because LED has higher luminous efficiency than metal halide or HID lamps. The energy efficiency of LED is 140 to 170 lm/W while MH is about 75lm/W; therefore, for the same amount of energy consumption, the LED refinery lights can give out more lumen and thus brighter illumination. We can reduce the burden inside refinery if we spend less energy on the refinery lighting, which help improve safety.


Explosion proof LED lights for oil refinery


The LED refinery lighting is explosion-proof and anti-spark. The LED luminaries is made of strong aluminum alloy and toughened glass lens, which tolerates strong impact and high temperature. The cable is reinforced by aluminum cable cover as well.


The interior environment can be very flammable because of high concentration gasoline and methane gaseous vapor. Any spark will trigger the disastrous consequence. Our oil refinery LED light does not generate spark normally. In order to further improve the safety, the LED lights for refinery is equipped with 170 lm/W individual chips. It is because we can use lesser power LED flood light if the energy efficiency is higher. It not only ensure safety, but also reduce power consumption as well.


Acidic Water & Dust Proof


And acidic rain problem may occur near this region. Nevertheless, the LED refinery flood lights have IP66 water proof ability, which is acidic vapor tight. You have no need to worry about the dust ingression as well.


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