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Rodeo Arena Lighting

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Product Description

Rodeo Arena Lighting: How to Light Up an Outdoor and Indoor Horse Riding Stadium with LED?


Equestrian stadium accommodates thousands of audiences enjoying amazing riding competitive sports. Rodeo arena lights offer the best illumination experience for horse racing, dressage, endurance riding and more. LED replacement for metal halide, halogen or high-pressure sodium lamps for rodeo arena has many benefits such as energy saving and high durability. As an experienced supplier for LED riding area lights, we understand the professional lumen requirement.


How many lumens required to light the riding arena?


Size of rodeo stadium and brightness requirement are the factors affecting the lumen needed. For a contemporary outdoor arena having the size of 100 * 200 ft (which means 1900 meter-square, the lumen for riding arena is equal to 1900 * 1000 = 1,900,000 lumens for the rodeo stadium lamps, where 1,000 is the lux requirement. On the contrary, if the field size is 1000 meter-square, we will need 1000 * 1000 = 1,000,000 lumens!


How to know the lux required? It is mainly based on the standard of the horse arena. If the rodeo arena lights are designed for professional and international 4K TV broadcasting, the lumen will be as high as 2,000,000 lm.


LED lighting for rodeo arena


How many watt of arena lights needed to light up the entire rodeo?


According to the above calculation, 15,000 watt LED flood lamps produces 2,000,000 lumens. If you use the metal halide lights, you will need 40,000 watt, and this value raises to 100,000W halogen flood lamps for halogen! And thus we can observe that replacing the MH or halogen to LED lights inside the outdoor riding arena saves a lot of energy, maximally 85%.


How much do rodeo arena lamps cost to run?


Using 15000W LED as an example. Since the average cost of electricity is about US$0.2 / kWh, the running cost of rodeo stadium flood lamps is US$3 per hour. If you intend to turn them on for 8 hours per day, the daily cost for running the entire riding arena lighting becomes US$24, and monthly US$480 (20 days per month). You can compare this value before and after replacement of metal halide horse arena lights – daily US$64 and monthly $1,280.


If you are interested in our LED lights for rodeo arena, please feel free to contact us by filling in the information at the bottom of the page. Or you can shoot us an email to beatus@ledsmaster.com

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