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Safety Flood Lamps

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Product Description

Security Flood Lights that Enhance Safety


If you’re looking forward to improving the safety and security of your places, the best option is to use security floodlights. Outdoor lighting plays an important role in the safety of your home as it discourages the thieves and burglars to trespass. Not only for household, we are the supplier of security flood lamps for warehouse, factory, airport, garage and sports field to detect trespass. If the area is properly illuminated, there are very less chances of theft and vandalism. There are a variety of LED lights used for safety enhancement purposes and these lights use advanced technology such as motion sensors, solar powered panel, timers, detectors, and have tamper-proof features too. Following are the features of high-performance LED lighting for safety:


Security flood lights for warehouse and factory



Security floodlights are very durable and long-lasting. As compared to the halogen bulbs and incandescent lights, the LED lamps are known for their long life and durability. On an average, the LED lights last ten times longer than others. After installing the flood lights for security, you won’t need to worry about repair or maintenance for a long time. The good thing is that, the LED safety lights never stop working all of a sudden, they start getting dimmer as years pass by. LED is a good choice for those who own large garages or warehouses.


Motion sensors

Most of the LED security flood lights are equipped with motion sensing module. These lamps can pick any movement from a distance of minimum 6 meters and a maximum of 16 meters. These lights detect the infrared waves, which are heat waves and are produced due to the motion of warm bodies. These lights are a perfect option for those who are concerned about their security. The lights will turn on automatically if they sense any movement and this is very handy for people who want to prevent burglary or theft. The benefit of these lights is that they offer huge savings as the lights remain switched off all the time but switch on only when they sense movement.


Easy to install

There are many choices when it comes to LED outdoor security lighting. These lights are very portable and easy to install. They are available in a variety of sizes and types. If you are concerned about the clutter, you can keep these lights indoor and then place them outdoors as soon as darkness approaches. The security flood lights can last for many hours after being charged for once only. The security flood lights are also equipped with water proof and shock proof features and thus they are perfect for installing outdoors for security purposes.


High Lumens Value

The best feature of the LED security flood lights is that they have high Lumens value. The Lumens rating determines the light output, which means how bright the light is. Outdoor security lighting should be bright enough and dull lighting can be dangerous as it will encourage the trespassers. The higher the luminous efficiency of a light, the brighter it is. The white beam of light produced by these flood lights is almost similar to the day light and thus it is enough illumination for making everything visible.


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