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LedsMaster College Students Outside Scholarship 2018-2019


LedsMaster’s 2018-2019 Essay scholarship provides opportunity for college students to think of the ways for saving energy. Undergraduate or postgraduate students studying Engineering, Earth & Environment, or Science related discipline are welcome to join. Energy crisis is affecting us now. To promote sustainable development, using LED lights in different sectors help reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Apart from lighting, there are tons of innovative ways to relieve the burden of using fossil fuels. If you are finding outside scholarship for college and willing to protect our environment, please don’t miss our less competitive scholarship!


10 winning students will be sharing US$10,000 scholarship for their efforts. To be eligible to apply, please read carefully the following instructions.


2018 Scholarship for College



l  Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Science, Engineering, Environment and related discipline.

l  Studying in College, exchange students are welcome.

l  Minimum GPA: 2.7 or B- equivalent

l  Plagiarism is prohibited. The essay must be your own work.


How to Apply

You are required to submit the essay answering one of the following topics:


1. Advantages of using LED lights over metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor and halogen lamps

2. The Future trend of LED lighting for residential, commercial and industrial use

3. Application of LED flood light (Hints: indoor and outdoor large areas)

4. Solar powered lighting nowadays (Hints: Street lighting and sports lighting)

5. Electric cars are the unprecedented invention in recent years, what other innovative measure can we take to move away from coal and fossil fuel energy?

6. What is light pollution? And how to solve it?


Please submit your essay (minimum words: 500) in doc, docx or pdf format to our mailbox edwinhu@ledsmaster.com, along with your brief personal information:


1. First and Last Name

2. College

3. Faculty and major

4. Current GPA

5. Contact Email

6. Self introduction in 150-200 words


Deadline: 1st Sep, 2018. The results will be announced on 1st Oct, 2018

Enquiry: edwinhu@ledsmaster.com (or Phone: 2134389858)


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