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Seaport Lighting

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Product Abstract:

Port Lighting. LED Seaport lighting, LED high mast lights for shipping port, for sale. IP66, 5 Years Warranty. Free lighting design & global delivery. Explore more.

Product Description

LED Seaport Lighting Tips


LED seaport lighting


We offer port lighting for over ten years. To replace the traditional light source such as metal halide and HID lamps, LED seaport lighting is a wise choice because it cut down the large amount of energy wastage by 80%. The shipping port is like the heart of the city, which pumps in fresh goods and allow them to circulate around the city. If you require seaport lighting design for your tenders, you are getting to a right place. LedsMaster is an experienced supplier of high power LED flood lights for port. We have a team of engineers who give you professional opinions on the selection of luminaires.


How to select proper LED seaport lighting


To design the port lighting, we need much information. The first one is brightness requirement. According to the government documents in some countries, we need 200 to 300 lux for shipping port. Then, we need to look at the pole arrangement. Many cases involve high mast lights inside the seaport, and we also need to affix the luminaires on the tower cranes. Since every site has their unique construction design, we need the positions of the attachment site before providing the lighting design.


Using LED seaport lights can reduce your maintenance frequency and electricity bill. The LED lights have super long life span of 80,000h, and thus the working life cycle is about 20 years (based on 10h/day). Before the replacement of metal halide port lights, the MH lamps can work for only 5000 to 6000 hours.


Seaport lighting

Latest Seaport Lighting project in Federal Republic of Nigeria


Waterproof and anti-corrosive seaport lights


The LED lights for port obtains IP66 certification. It becomes the standard feature of outdoor luminaires. Since the ports are in coastal region, in order to further enhance the durability, we adopt aluminum alloy to make the shell, and utilize glass lens.


If you have further enquiries and require free lighting design, please feel free to approach us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are looking forward to your message.

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