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Shopping Mall Lighting

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Product Description

Shopping Mall Lighting


When it comes to shopping mall lighting, LED commercial lights are the best option as they are very durable and energy efficient. Most of the commercial properties owners prefer LED lights for their shopping centers because they provide brighter and uniformly distributed light. Retail store lighting plays an important role in the business as a good lighting system will properly illuminate the location and the products and customers are likely to get more attracted towards them. LED lights are widely being used in the malls because of their characteristics and abilities to provide bright white light.


Shopping Mall Lighting


Types of mall lights

There are various different types of lights used in malls. LED lights are, however, preferred in spite of having high upfront costs. This is because they don’t require any repair or maintenance and the labor costs are also very low.


It is imperative to create a good shopping atmosphere and thus the shop and mall owners use best quality LED lights. LED lights not only support the architecture of the malls but also enhance the shopping experience. One thing to remember is that the LED lights for shopping malls should not be designed so as to grab the attention of the people, because people should focus more on the products and shopping. Shopping center lighting can be divided into these main types:


Task lighting

If more illumination and brightness is needed to perform some tasks in specific areas of the mall, LED task lighting is used. These lights can easily be installed in any mall lighting fixtures and are very durable and energy efficient. These LED lights can be used to illuminate the area of dressing rooms, store entrance, customer service desks, and checkout areas.


General lighting

LED lights can be used for general lighting purposes which act as the main source of lighting for the shops in the mall. These LED lights ensure that the mall doesn’t appear dark or gloomy and that the customers get an improved and lively shopping experience. The lights blend well with the shopping mall electrical design and provide high luminous efficiency and lumens rating according to the lighting required at such places.


Decorative lighting

LED decorative lighting is properly used for decorating the shopping malls because they add to the aesthetic appeal of the malls. LED decorative lighting is widely used for shopping center lighting as it not only looks stylish but also provides the right amount of brightness needed to target a particular area. These lights are available in various types and forms such as wall mounted decorative lights and other designs that are custom designed.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to illuminate a particular spot or specific areas and this type of lighting system is also popularly used in malls. These LED lights for shopping malls improve the appearance of the products or certain areas in the mall so that they are more visible as compared to other things. These LED lights are used in shelves, at the front of the store, at display cases, and also at window displays.


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