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Sign Lighting

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Product Description

Sign Lighting, Tips to select the LED Sign Lights


LED Sign Lights


Sign lighting is the luminaires affixing at the edges of the billboard. Its functions include attracting pedestrian’s attention and hence boost your sales. Outdoor LED sign lighting is very common in recent decades because of its long life span and high uniformity, which is vital to give the high quality illumination. Besides, it should have high CRI to allow the real colors appearing on the billboard. This page will discuss the usage and tips for the outdoor sign lighting.


LED Sign Lighting


There are many type of lighting products, why should we choose the LED sign lighting? Firstly, LED has 80,000 hours life span which guarantees continuous illumination for a very long period of time. You have no need to replace the sign lighting frequently and thus save your maintenance cost and time. As doing the maintenance is very time consuming because you need to find the workers again and arrange the LED sign lighting. Apart from life span, the sign lights are energy-saving, it is because they consume 70% less energy than metal halide lights. We can attribute such the huge difference to high luminous efficiency of LED, which has 145 lumen per watt, which is 100% higher than MH. Using the LED sign lights can not only reduce electricity bill, but also protect the environment.


Sign lighting application


Outdoor Sign Lighting


When it comes to outdoor lights for sign, we have a list of solutions to solve the problem that will occur during operation. First, the outdoor sign lighting will encounter rainy and stormy weather. Our luminaires obtain IP66 ingress protection and thus they can work normally. Under the scorching sun, the temperature inside the sign lighting increase a lot. This strong heat can damage the chips. In order to tackle this issue, we install an effective heat sink for thermal management. The outdoor sign lighting can maintain at the low temperature range.


Outdoor sign lighting


Lighting uniformity is a big concern for the sign lights. If you look at the above picture, you can see our products have better performance, in terms of the lighting of the outdoor sign. The illumination is evenly distributed to offer better user experience. We achieve this by special design on the beam angle and power arrangement, which is unique for each case.


Contact email: beatus@ledsmaster.com (we offer free design for the LED sign lighting)

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