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Solar Street Lights

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Product Description

Solar Street Lights - LED Solar Powered Streetlight


Solar Powered LED Street Lights


Our solar street lights use the photovoltaic panel to absorb sun light, the energy is stored in a rechargeable battery underneath the panel. This self-contained solar powered LED street lights that use 12V or 24V as the input. With its user-friendly interface, you can switch between sun light power or using DC/AC mode. All-in-one structure. 30 watt, 40 watt, 50w, 100w, 150w, 200w, 60w solar streetlight available.


Solar powered street lighting


Luminaires using renewable energy is very common nowadays, it can be installed in outdoor parking lot, alley, runway, sidewalks or any kinds of streets. The structure is consisted of two parts, the large sun light absorbing panel, low power consuming LED street light, and a control panel in between them. The installation method is very simple because of its self-contained structure. We offer tailor-made service for our clients. The price of solar street lamp is very competitive as well.


To have the precise lux sensation and trigger the lights on and off, we add the calibrator which allows brightness detection from 10 to 100 lux. Some countries may require the street light turns on when the sunset lights below 55 lux. In other cases, you can set your designated value by using the special hardware.


Advantages of solar street lamps


Environmental protection is inevitably the burning topics in recent years. Reduction of carbon dioxide emission is the target of many countries such as US. How can we reduce the power used and thus the greenhouse gas emission? Our LED street lamps are equipped with high energy efficiency solar panel, which can provide electricity for hours after fully charged.


LED is a very mature technology. Its 80,000 hours life span can reduce the maintenance frequency by 800% after replacement of metal halide street lights. You will find that it is necessary for us to replace the MH lamps for each year, or a few months if you select the poor-quality items. Lesser replacement also means lesser disposal, which is better for our environment. Its compact structure is also suitable for different types of mounting.


Can street lights using solar power provide enough brightness?


Many of us will doubt that whether the solar panel can provide adequate energy for the light poles. We can see that LED is a perfect match for using the sun light. It is because LED has very high energy efficiency. For our 30 watt model, it can operate for over 8 hours, and 60 watt for 4 hours. You can even get rid of any complicated cable connection by using the solar panel module. This can greatly reduce your installation cost.


Please feel free to fill in the information at the bottom of the page if you request much info and the quote. We supply the solar powered street lights for sale. If you prefer direct email sending, you can also drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are eager to solve your problems.

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