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Product Description

LED Street Lights


When it comes to LED street lights, the concept is not just using a bulb to light the roads; instead, it requires a reliable and quality optics to ensure the road safety. There are many types of roadway luminaires, among them, the LED lamps are the better for streets. As a LED street lamp manufacturer, we will discuss the use of it in this page, as well as the advantages.


LED Street Lights


Why do we need the LED street lamps? Many of us will immediately think of illuminating the highway for drivers. This true; however, the LED lights for street is important for all road users. For instance, bright street luminaires can enhance the safety. According to a research, about 70% of robbery cases happen in the dim pavement. Much lights makes people feel safer at night. Though some of the security CCTV have infra-red function, adequate illumination provided by the LED street lights allow security cameras to capture the process clearly. The police can recognize the face of criminal accurately.


LED is an energy saving technology because it consumer 70% lesser energy than metal halide lamps. The luminous efficiency of LED is 130 lm/W while metal halide is only 65 lm/W. Higher the figure, higher the energy efficiency. After the metal halide replacement for LED street light, you can save much energy expenses, as more lumens are produced for the same power consumption.


Most importantly, the LED street lights have anti-glare lens. If you look at the news article, you would see there are many people complaining the lights are too bright, that affects their living quality. Indeed, we need to be considerate for bring the LED street light manufacturers. To reduce the effect on resident, we install the anti-glare lens that target on road surface, instead of the surrounding buildings. Therefore, the luminaires would not be so dazzling when looking from the side.


LED Street Light Fixtures


LED Street Light Fixtures


What is the importance of lighting uniformity for LED street light fixtures? Good uniformity means that the light is evenly distributed across the road surface without any bright spots. If the lighting pattern is too irregular, it will irritate the road users, especially important for vehicle drivers. According to a research, if the LED street light fixtures can provide the even lights which is like natural sunlight, the driver tiredness can be reduced. It can greatly enhance road safety. To achieve better uniformity, the fixtures of LED street lights are equipped with asymmetric optical lens, which offers rectangular shape illumination instead of circular. This arrangement can reduce the irregular overlapping of street light.


Heat dissipation is another concern. Since the LED street lights are expected to operate for a long period of time, the life span will be decreased if we do not have the effective heat sink. To solve this issue, we design the dense aluminum fins structure that offering remarkable surface area. We have the laboratory test before the launch of the street lighting products. The intrinsic temperature of the street luminaires is maintained at a lower range.


Street lights for Sale


Despite of the low price, LED street lights are equipped with most of the compulsory functions. For instance, our LED luminaires obtain IP66 waterproof and anti-shock that withstand the adverse weather conditions such as stormy rain and scorching sun. To prevent the rusting problem near the industrial area due to acid rain, the outer shell of the LED fixture is made of aluminum alloy, which is very durable. Depending on the quantity of orders, we will provide discount for LED lights in different extended. Normally the higher the number of sets, the higher the discount. Let’s contact us as we have the street lights for sale.


Let’s approach the LED Street Light Manufacturers


We are the LED street light manufacturers for more than 10 years. We have a professional engineer team to make the lighting design for highways and any roadways. It is worthwhile to make the investment in this industry as the supplier of LED street light, because of its vast amount of advantages. If you would like to get the quote and free lighting design for streets, please feel free to contact at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, please do not hesitate to fill in the info at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to your message.

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