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Submersible Water Fountain Lights

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Product Description

Submersible Fountain Lights & Pool Fountain LED Lights with Color Changing Function


Do you enjoy the bewitching water shows? By making use of the submersible fountain lights, the ordinary water pool can turn into the most-visited tourist attraction, not only for a country, but for your hotel or resort. LED pool fountain lights and color changing water fountain lights embellish your venue, by combing the astonishing lighting and music effects. our underwarer colored light has many advantages such as controllability and energy saving. Let’s explore.


Submersible Fountain Lights


Submersible fountain lights


If you happen to visit to luxury casino hotel or theme parks, you would observe the stunning fountain light show. The secret behind is the submersible fountain lights. According to psychologists, colors stimulate people’s emotion. The color changing submersible fountain lighting has with IP68 ingress protection rating, which is the essential feature for underwater use. LED has exceptional life span of 80000 hours and durability that greatly reduce your chance and rate of maintenance and repair. If you are not prone to re-decorate the setting, you can use it forever, without any malfunction possibility. These underwater fountain lights are suitable vigorous color changing. The prolonged strobe lighting effect do not reduce the life span because we adopt quality CREE chips, which is good lights for submersible fountains. Its energy saving properties help decrease energy consumption as well.


Water fountain lights


Color changing Pool water fountain LED lights


Almost all impressive water fountain lights have very complicated lighting effect. This product is fully compatible to create such the music and light synchronized water show. For instance, if you connect 100 pool fountain lights in series, each light can emit different color at the same time. The color changing ability is not limited to static, but dynamic, which means the submersible fountain lights alter the wavelength in accordance with the pitch of music. You can even set sensitivity and pre-record the show. The water fountain lights are user-friendly, which means you can start your show by just a few clicks by using the USB DMX 512 hardware and software, and they will change colors by themselves. Since no programming is needed, our products are suitable for general users – amateur controls while producing professional effects.


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