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Supermarket Lighting

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Product Description

Supermarket Lighting


Supermarkets should be properly illuminated in order to improve the shopping experience. All the locations in a supermarket have their own importance and it is important to have them sufficiently illuminated. The LED technology has played an important role in supermarket lighting design as it has proven to be highly efficient and cost-effective in the long run. The most advanced lighting systems used in supermarket lighting are equipped with some of the best features such as high luminous efficiency, anti-glare features, and uniform distribution of lumens.


Supermarket lighting


Why supermarket lights make me dizzy?

If you are bothered by the supermarket lights because of their brightness, they must be traditional lights. The LED lights are designed with high quality optics and their lenses are equipped with anti-glare feature. This makes them comfortable to the eyes of the viewer and the viewers feel secure and fresh. The most advanced LED lights also feature ingress protection along with anti-glare features, so that the viewers don’t experience dizziness due to brightness.


LED lights for Supermarkets

Supermarkets have to provide a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience to the shoppers and for this, good quality lighting system is very important. The traditional lighting such as fluorescents and halogens, the electricity bills are huge and they also have flickering issues. With LED grocery store lighting, the quality of light is also enhanced and huge amounts can be saved because of their energy efficiency. There are numerous types of LED lights available for supermarkets, some of which are discussed below:


Accent LED lights

Colored accent LED lights are widely used in various supermarkets and grocery stores as they give an aesthetic appeal to the whole environment. These supermarket lighting fixtures have varying correlated color temperatures and they can be used to light different locations of supermarkets to attract the customers. These lights can be used to target special products and to create a beautiful atmosphere for shopping.


Canopy LED lights

These types of LED lights are used for outdoor lighting. The canopy LED lights can be used to decorate the entrance or parking lots of supermarkets. These are one of the most common types of grocery store lighting and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are characterized by high lumens rating and uniform distribution of light.


LED panel lights

LED panel lights are also widely used in supermarkets. The correlated color temperature of the LED lights is an important factor in determining the type of lighting required for the supermarket. A Superstore with warm LED panel lights such as the lights with a yellowish color temperature can make people feel at home. However, the cooler color temperatures of LED lights such as those that are near to blue will make the customers feel fresher and more relaxed.


Decorative LED lights

Decorative LED lights are an ideal choice according to the supermarket design standards. The decorative LED lights are not only stylish, but they also provide good quality light because of high luminous efficiency. They can easily be installed into any existing supermarket lighting fixtures because their installation process is also simple. These LED lights are available in form of LED strip lights and tapes too.


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