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Turtle Friendly Lights

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Product Abstract:

Turtle friendly lighting. FWC approved LED lights. Protect sea turtle by proper waterfront, coastal Amber LED lighting. Explore more.

Product Description

Turtle Friendly Lighting | Amber Coastal Lights


Turtle friendly lighting avoids unnecessarily bright coastal illumination that affects sea turtle hatchling and other marine lives activities. With the use of amber LED coastal lights, the effects on surrounding marine lives can be minimized. Let’s explore how can we protect the wildlife by means of proper LED lighting.


Turtle friendly street lights


Why do we need Turtle Friendly lights?


Sea turtle is an endangered species according to WWF. Past research reveals that light population near their hatchling site will negatively affect the survivability of the babies. This issue is especially prominent in Florida. Therefore, the wildlife protection organization started thinking of turtle friendly lighting. The results of improper lighting are quite miserable. The baby turtles are attracted by light source from the shops or street lights beside their hatchling sites, they will pass though the car road and pedestrian slowly. If the drivers or people cannot detect these tiny babies, the lives of sea turtles will be taken away. LED Amber coastal light seems to be an effective way to prevent the tragedy from happening.


Turtle-friendly lights, amber colored LED


FWC approved Amber Lights for Coastal


The turtle needs to migrate towards the sea, instead of artificial buildings. The lights reflected to sky and strong light will attract them, and thus disorient them. It is recommended to have the low-height illumination on road surface, and thus turtles will not discover this light source in their perspectives, this is so called the turtle-friendly lighting.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), therefore, imposes a list of standards. In short, the turtle friendly lights for should be:


a) Color of coastal lights: amber, orange or red; or

b) Light source having 560 nm or longer.


FWC approves amber coastal lights, such as LED, because sea turtles are not sensitive to red, orange and amber colors. White lights are strong prohibited because of turtle sensitivity. LedsMaster designs special friendly lights for turtles by controlling the power and wavelength (or color temperature) of LED lights. 560 nm is equivalent to 2.9 x 106 / 560 = 5180K. The minimum color temperature for amber coastal light is 2800K, which satisfy the requirement.


If you want to obtain much info of our wildlife lighting products, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the form, please fill in the info at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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