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Volleyball Court Lighting

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Product Abstract:

Volleyball Court Lighting. For indoor & outdoor, LED Volleyball Lights. 80,000 hours life span, 5 Years warranty. Highlights: quality chips, driver, heat sink system. For sale.

Product Description

Volleyball Court Lighting – LED Volleyball Lights Tips


LedsMaster specializes in volleyball court lighting. Proper lighting is the important accessory for indoor and outdoor fields. Especially at night, many people want to take this sport. To optimize the use of the venues, the LED volleyball lights are needed. Olympic Game is one the most famous popular tournament in this world. Our LED products fulfil the lighting requirement of professional volleyball courts.


LED volleyball lights


Volleyball court lighting

Before talking about the strengths of our lights for volleyball court, let’s take a look at the basic information. The dimension of the field is 30 feet * 60 feet. If you wish to know the height of net, it is 7 ft 11 5/8 in (for men). As for the lux requirement, it varies with the nature of matches. For the recreational or low-level competition, the lighting requirement of volleyball field is 75 lux to 200 lux. If it is for professional and top-level matches, the value raises to 500 lux. Apart from brightness, we need to look at the lighting uniformity as well. The Volleyball LED lights for professional competition is 0.7, and 0.5 for recreational use. LedsMaster offers lighting solutions having 0.75 uniformity, which satisfy the needs of almost all matches. It will be better if we can provide you with the lighting design as well.


On top of that, LedsMaster have high-end optics that is flicker-free for high speed photography. In according to our laboratory tests, they supports up to 6000 Hz filming. With its dimmability, you can adjust the brightness from 0 to 100%.


volleyball lights - front view


LED volleyball lights - poles arrangement and its issue

After handling the brightness requirement, lighting uniformity and flickering problems, we need to focus on the poles in your sports field. We believe that there are different arrangements of poles such as 4 poles, 8 poles, and etc. And they are of different heights. If the poles are tall and number is less, you will need higher power LED lights on each fixture. However, high power, LED volleyball court lamps mean heavier. Since there are certain weight safety factor, you need to ensure that the total weight of luminaires do not exceed the limit. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.


Nevertheless, our product adopts top-of-the-line aluminum alloy. This material is strong, durable and light. Sometimes we may need to install 10 to 20 sets of luminaries on the pole. Weight becomes very important. If you select too heavy products, you will need to do the reinforcement on the poles. The cost will be very high, it can be as high as the volleyball court lighting themselves.


Heat dissipation is another point to note. The LED volleyball lights generate heat, it is normal for the luminaires. However, persist heat will damage the chips and thus causing decline in brightness and life span. LedsMaster develops dense fins structure to solve this. We connect the heat source to dense aluminum fins, which provide large surface area. The key function of these area is to allow effective heat conduction to surroundings.


If you would like to acquire the free quote or lighting design of volleyball court and stadium, please feel free to send us the message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you.


 Product spec of volleyball court lighting

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