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Waiting Room, Arrivals and Departure Hall Lighting

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Product Description

Lighting for Terminal, Waiting Room, Arrivals and Departure Hall inside Airport


We are experienced designer and manufacturer of arrivals-departure hall lighting and waiting room LED lights. As airport is operating 24/7, we need the durable and cost-effective terminal lighting for the buildings. Apart from these indoor areas, the passengers need the meeters and greeters hall lights and LED lighting for waiting room and lounge inside airport in order to provide a better user experience. To enhance safety inside arrivals and departure hall, we need the immigration hall lighting and check-in aisle and hall lighting fixtures for better security. Fluorescent, halogen, mercury or metal halide replacement for depart hall lighting, waiting rooms and terminals with LED is very useful as it lowers your electricity cost. Our customers are from US, India, UK, Singapore and more. LED is the best choice for inside & outside lights for terminal of airport because of the following reasons.


Airport Waiting room lights, arrivals-departure LED lamps


Advantages of our LED lighting for arrivals, departure halls and terminal buildings


Quality. Since it is a place where the passengers waiting for boarding, we should provide cozy and relaxing lights for airport waiting rooms and departure halls. By using the LED lamps inside terminal buildings, we can provide anti-glare and flickering free illumination across the whole passenger lounge. Flat panel lamp is one of the frequent selection because it emits soft and quality illuminance, which has a very good compliance.


Durability. As the operation never stops inside the arrival meeters and greeters hall, lighting that are long-lasting is vitally important. LED lights have the characteristic of 80,000 hours life span, which is attributed to the effective heat sink that reduce the working temperature inside the chips; as a result, our LED lights for indoor airport areas are much more durable and reliable.


Energy saving. The quantity of lighting is very large. After the metal halide or halogen replacement for terminal building lights, you can save up to 83% energy. It is because the luminous efficacy of LED is 140 lm/W, which is 2 times and 7 times higher than MH and halogen bulbs respectively.


To get the price quote and lighting design of waiting room and arrivals-departure hall lighting, please feel free to leave us a message at the bottom of this page. Or if you prefer using email, please contact us at beatus@ledsmaster.com. Thank you very much.

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