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Warehouse Lighting

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Product Abstract:

LedsMaster Energy Saving LED Warehouse Lighting

Product Description

High Bay LED Warehouse Lights


High Bay LED Warehouse Lighting-LedsMaster





warehouse/factory/storage room


Power Reduced by 40%+


Low Cost

Very low lumen depreciation


No maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture


Nearly Instant On/Off

Allows for emergency


No warm-up/cool-down time


Color Consistency

Maintains high definition quality lighting



Power savings and design flexibility


Environmentally Safe

No hazardous chemicals


ROHS compliant


Optimized for HDTV/Sports Broadcasting

Laser Guided Field Aiming


U shape bracket

Ease of Installation



  95Ra, 2800K-7500K



1. Energy saving of High Bay LED Warehouse Lights


There are plenty of options for warehouse lights, but one style that’s becoming increasingly popular is high bay LED lighting.


Power comsumption is lower:about 95% of electricity is channeled to power the light and less than 5% energy is wasted . We can increase consumption efficiency a lot ,by 3 or 4 times



2. Anti -Glare System of High Bay Lights for Warehouse


All our light have a very developed anti-glare system,which means people can look straight at the light for a while without feeling dazzled.Turn on a fluorescent light and it’s bound to flicker – at least, for a little while. Turn on a high bay LED lamp, and you’ll get the light you want immediately. In fact, turn it on and off as often as you want – you won’t notice any problems or flickering



3. Better Light Uniformity fo High Bay LED Warehouse


Keeping employees safe on the warehouse floor is critical. Highly uniform, inherently directional white LED lighting helps eliminate shadows and dark corners where accidents may occur



4. High Bay Lights Durability


We already told you how high bay LEDs are long-lasting, but they’re also very durable – durable to the point where they’re pretty much damage-proof and essentially maintenance-free. Simply put, these lights don’t bust easily. One of the main sticking points to installing high bay LEDs in the likes of warehouses is their higher up-front costs. But when you factor in things like energy savings and their lifespan, high bay LED lighting is clearly worth the investment.


LED lighting for your warehouse facility is currently the most energy efficient technology as LED lights provide more lumens per watt and have a longer life, thanks to our patented heat-sink technology, resulting in lower maintenance cost for your warehouse distribution center.


For much info, you can have a look on this page Warehouse Lighting LED.

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