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Warehouse Lighting Metal Halide Replacement

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Product Description

Warehouse Lighting – Metal Halide Replacement and Retrofit with LED Lamps


Industrial or warehouse lighting fixtures plays an important role in the efficiency and performance of a commercial warehouse. The 400 watt metal halide LED replacement for low bay lamps are high-powered and efficient enough to illuminate the factories, production facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Commercial warehouse lighting should be bright and durable, and it should be cost efficient at the same time too. Metal halide replacement for Warehouse lighting with LED flood lamp is thus an important part of a business and it should be chosen wisely. There are many different types of warehouse lights fixtures available, but Warehouse lighting LED retrofit kit is the most popular one as it offers many benefits.


LED replacement for metal halide warehouse lighting


Metal Halides for Warehouse lighting

Metal halide lighting systems are also used for warehouse lighting. These lights are still very common in industries and production facilities. However, these lights don’t reach their optimal efficiency and they are quite noisy too. These lamps use mercury which can be harmful for the people and the environment as a whole. It is highly recommend to replace metal halide warehouse lights because they are not very energy efficient, and because of low upfront cost they are still being used for lighting purposes.


Fluorescent lights

The high output fluorescent lights are known as T-5 or T-8 lights too. These lights are very energy efficient and they consume almost half the energy as compared to the metal halides. This means they are double in efficiency as compared to the metal halide lighting options. These days many warehouse lighting design comprise of fluorescent lights because of their efficiency. The fluorescent lights reach their maximum efficiency within some seconds after they’re switched on and there is no noise or buzzing sound either.


LED retrofit and replacement

 Warehouse lighting LED is the most efficient method used for illumination. These lights are the most efficient in terms of energy consumption and performance. They are made up of high quality electronic components and thus they have high upfront cost too. They are very environment friendly and thus there is no need to worry about the harmful substances being released into the atmosphere. Though these lights have high upfront costs, they still save a lot of money because they don’t require any type of repair or maintenance. These lights are very durable and weather resistant and are perfect to be used for commercial warehouse lighting.

The LED lights have long life spans and they are available in different types, such as they can produce warm white light and cool white light both. These lights have high Lumens rating and thus high luminous efficiency, they also provide maximum light output and lower power consumption. Following are some important LED warehouse lights used.


High bay LED lights for commercial warehouse

The high bay LED lights are especially designed for commercial uses. These lights are can be used to illuminate larger areas with high ceilings. In spite of being installed at a high location, they can illuminate the area very well and can provide bright light with good coverage.


LED flood lights

LED floodlights are now a popular choice at industries, warehouses, and production facilities. These lights are very durable, and they are weather proof and shock proof. They offer bright illumination and can last for many years.


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