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3 Watt LED Bulb
2017-10-27 17:41:04

3 Watt LED Bulb Manufacturer, Supplier

3W LED Bulb

Having thought of why the incandescent light bulb going offs so quickly, usually within 3 – 4 months? Let’s extend your life span of light bulb by using LED. LED stands for light emitting Diode. It is a relatively new technology to emit a light by semi-conductor. Unlike the halogen bulb, the 3W led bulbs use electricity to stimulate photons to the semiconductor to produce illumination. For LED Bulb, majority, 95% of energy is used to drive the current and photons to produce light. In incadescent lamps, vast amount of energy is needed to heat up the filmanet to 1500 to 2000°C and the much energy is wasted.

It is common to use gallium arsenide gallium, phosphorus and metals inside LED bulbs. The life span of traditional bulbs can not be more than 40,000 hours. On the other hand, our LEDs can be twice as much as 80,000 hours. This remarkable life span cannot be found in CFLs and halogen incandescent bulbs. Increased lifecycle also means reduced potential hazard to the environment.

3 Watt bulbs, are becoming more common, especially for the use of window display in the stores, in, hotels, houses, exhibition halls, and  decorative setups. LED bulbs are much more efficient than a lot of old lights. 3 Watt bulb is in common use inside offices, accent luminary of the houses and workshops as well. There are many other application such as bicycle and vehicle lamps. In general, of the same wattage of incandescent lamps and CFLs. A 3 watt LED bulb can produce 250 to 340 lumens of illumination. Lumen measures brightness of light. 'Lumen per watt" is to identify and measure how much light energy produced by each wattage drawn, or the energy efficiency.

Accordingly, the efficiency of a minimum of 3 watt LED light bulb is 140 lm/Watt. A 25 watt halogen bulb to produce light from the industry average of 380 lumen on the other hand, however, the 3W LED can produce 400 lumen already. LED bulbs are fast replacing halogen lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and CFL lights in their homes and commercial venues.

Commercial 3 watt LED light bulbs are offered in 4 common types. The traditional round A-line light bulb is ideal for use in indoor room lighting and corridors, as a luminary for writing and reading, which makes use of dispersing light at wide angle. The spotlight concentrates the light in a narrow area and is ideal as a track light or recessed lighting overhead.

Candle bulbs are suitable for decorative lighting. The flood has a wider light diffusion angle than the spotlight. It can be used for down lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape flood lighting, and with the use of motion sensor.

3 Watt LED bulbs consume very low power rated: 3 Watt, for the most part less than 4 watts. 3 Watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 30 watt fluorescent lamp. It is impossible to choose between white LED light bulbs, yelllow LED light bulbs and other warm colors.

A commercially available 3-line general categories 3 watt LED bulbs come in. And I will scatter towards the base of the traditional bulbs and the use of a wider range of the lamps of the light for the upright in the space of the space of the halls of light, this is the best reading.

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