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Airport Flood light
2017-01-31 20:02:05

Airport Flood light



LedsMaster manufactures diverse LED lighting solutions for various purposes. We will have a look on the LED Airport flood light today. What makes it particularly suitable for the airport? It can be attributed to its special structure and LED optics. Firstly, you may observe the trapezoidal hoods (shield) at the sides, which is vital for minimizing the light distraction in the airport. Sufficient illumination is essential in the airport runways and the outdoor termination areas, but the light should not distract the pilots and the traffic tower controllers, as the glare at the source would affect their judgement. Therefore, the LED airfield lighting should be accurately shielded and installed to provide appropriate lighting, just like the hoods of the traffic lights.


Apart from the hoods, LedsMaster’s Airport LED lights is equipped with the pivots that enables angle adjustment. The above structure allows the instant alternation of the beam – illumination of the proximal or distal regions. Besides, our latest optics inside the LED improves the ground reach ability so that the lights can go further. Light weight is another important characteristic of the airport light. It is because the LED airport light can be directly affixed to the poles without costly reinforcement. The total weight starts from 5.8 kg, and it depends on the power of the light. And it has the rating ofIP66 and the storage temperature of -40°C to 80°C so that it would be durable under the adverse weather conditions. The high luminous efficiency of 150 lm/W provides you with the energy-saving lighting solutions, with the fact that the 80,000 hours life span can greatly reduce your replacement or maintenance cost when comparing with the metal halide lamps; hence, it would be worthwhile to invest the money into the LEDs – the next generation of outdoor and indoor lighting solutions. If you are interested, please click into here.

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