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Arena Lighting Design that Help You Win the Bids
2017-07-14 17:53:22

Arena Lighting Design

You are getting to a right place if you are electrical contractors, lighting designers or local building contractors. LedsMaster offers arena lighting design. We build long term & healthy business relationship with many clients because we solve their issues & help bring their profits. As a lighting manufacturer, we realize what the end user needs and thus provide appropriate solutions after the design for arean lighting.

LED light for stadium

Arena Lighting Design: Tips #1 Understanding what end user required

The owners of stadium would attach great importance to the quality of light. For example, whether the light is bright enough, shadowless and without leakage of light. In arena lighting design industry, we have numerous parameters such as luminous flux (unit: lumen or lm), and luminous flux density (unit: lux or lx). This parameter is frequently used in the arena lighting design. Lumen is like the horsepower of a vehicle, higher the lumen, higher the brightness the LED light can produce; while Lux resembles the velocity of that car. You can see the horsepower cannot fully reflect the speed of car, which is similar in lights. Lux measures the actual brightness when the light reaches the ground. For instance, a 1000 watts LED stadium light produces 140,000 lumen, the lux will be different if it is illuminated at the height of, says 20 meters or 40 meters. Do you know in which situation will give lower lux value? 20 meters or 40 meters? If your answer is 40 meters, you have understood the concept of Lux.

Arena lights
*Our previous project – stadium of a Premier League Football Club

Depending on the application, the Lux requirement varies from 300 to 3000 lux. For amateur use, such as recreational football club or golf course, the brightness requirement would be 300-600 lux. This stadium lights requirement would be 600-1000 lux for large-scale arena or stadium. For Premium League, FIFA World Cup stadium, the lux would be 2500-3200 lux, which is exceptionally high. The arena lighting design is especially important for such the large and professional sports field.

Ultra slim stadium lights & football lights
*LedsMaster 2017 brand new series: Ultra slim LED arena lights

Design for Arena Lights: Tips #2 What are the end user further expectation?

After satisfying the basic brightness requirement, it is normal for the clients to ask for more such as best price, delivery & warranty. Although we have cutting edge technology & high-quality LED Arena lighting products, LedsMaster strive to maintain the price at a low level; it is because we would like to promote the use of LED lights that save energy and our environment. In accordance with the comments of our previous clients, the quality of our luminaires is comparable to the major brands available in the market such as Philips Arena; otherwise, we cannot win the lighting projects of Olympic Games.

Price of LED lights
*Price comparison of LedsMaster & other major brands

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Besides, the end user would sometimes concern about the weight of the light. Indeed, it is the vital element of the whole lighting project apart from brightness & price. If the total weight of LED exceeds the safety factor of the poles, chances are that the project is subjected to costly reinforcement, which can be 2-3 times of the cost of the lights. Arena lighting design is a tool that accurately and precisely predict the number of luminaries needed and their weight for installation. Currently our frame is made of Aluminum alloy which is strong, light & relatively low-priced. Here we have ultra slim lights which is lighter & equipped with effective heat dissipation system. If you would like to learn more our product, please feel free to contact us via beatus@ledsmaster.com Thank you.

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