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Best Packaging & our most recent project
2017-01-31 20:20:21

Best Packaging for our LED light & our most recent project!


The LED luminaries are ready for worldwide delivery after the rigorous quality control. You may concern with the packaging material and the method we adopted. The delicate LED lights is susceptible to impact during the transportation, so they should always be handled with great care. Our couriers are professionally trained to ensure the smooth and safe logistics. Despite this, we need to get prepared for the unforeseen circumstances like the air turbulence and the heavy wind wave; therefore, it is vital to wrap our LED lights with several protections.

We place the LED lights with heavier weight and larger size into the wooden container as shown. Once the box is closed, the subsequent unauthorized unfold would cause the marks. The wooden box with reusable lock is available upon request.

To provide appropriate shock absorption, the LED luminaries are put in the tailor-made wooden box and tightly encompassed by the foam material.


Our street light project

One of our recent projects is the street light. It involves thousands of LED street light in the public areas like highways and pavement. LED light would be the wise choice because it saves energy (due to high luminous efficient) and is durable (approx. 80,000 hours life span and IP66 rating).

Do you remember where it is? If you happen to look at Chapter 4, you would recognize that it is our ageing room. Every light would be operated in the room for a while before packing to ensure that the lights can work normally before the delivery. The clients are also welcome to test lights by their own devices in the factories! As an experienced LED luminary manufacturer, we have the systematic production line, the stringent quality control and the proper protective packaging. If you are interested in exploring more, please feel free to contact our sales representative for much information.

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