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Cheap LED Grow Lights Review
2017-11-28 14:37:04

Cheap LED Grow Lights Review

Nowadays, many people are prone to use the cheap LED grow lights to speed up the growth of plants such as cannabis, edible herbs (indoor) and stadium grass (outdoor). Despite its advantages, you may feel the LED grow lights are very unaffordable when you look over the web. Nevertheless, we offer LED grow lights with cheap price, the cost is as low as $1.49 per watt. If you are finding the low price grow lights, you are getting to a right place as we will now do our LED grow light reviews.

Many reviewers will give thousands of grow light products in one single page, which is very difficult to read. However, in this review, we will introduce to you our best LED grow lights.

Cheap LED Grow Lights

Advantages of the cheap LED grow lights

You are getting to a right track if you select the low priced LED grow lights. It is because of the following advantages.

1. Energy saving – LED has exceptional energy efficiency of 145 lm/W. You can compare the past generation metal halide lamps having only 75 lm/W. The lighting efficiency of the cheap LED grow lights is much better because for the same power input, LED can emit 2 times brighter illumination.

2. Long life span – what is the concept of having 80,000 hours life expectancy? It is equivalent to 30 years based on 7 to 8 hours of use per day. Having such a long life span is important because it can reduce your maintenance rate and cost. You can enjoy literally the life-long usage on the LED grow lights.

3. Low price – we always agree the customer prefer buying the low cost LED grow lights. Since we have our own factory for manufacturing LED grow light, we can control the cost, and thus offer the low price LED grow light. In spite of its affordable price, we uphold making highest quality products. We adopt quality aluminum alloy for outer shell, CREE LED chips as well as effective thermal management system, which is seldom mentioned by other LED grow light reviewers.

Low cost LED grow lights

4. Instant light – time is money we know. You might have the painful waiting time when you use your HPS or metal grow lighting device, which took around 5 to 15 minutes warm up to reach maximum brightness. However, with the use of the low-priced LED grow light, you can enjoy instant full brightness just after your turn on the luminary.

5. No UV and Infra-Red – The cheap grow lights do not produce UV and IR. According to the medical research, UV can induce skin cancer, which is very unpleasant for the workers or users in side the growing room. Besides, the IR is a kind of heat generation, which attracts the unwanted bugs and insects. After the elimination of these two radiations, we can be much healthier.

6. Super bright – Frankly speaking, low power & dim LED grow light is useless because it cannot mimic the lighting intensity of natural sunlight. Sometimes we need high power luminary, such as 1000 watt LED grow light to provide proper illumination. Our luminaries are so bright that can produce 100,000 lux to your grow room, at the height of 2.5 meters to 5 meters.

7. Dimmable – Though 1000W is an ideal power output for the cheap LED grow lights, different plants will have various demand on the PPFD. What is PPFD? It is a common unit indicating the brightness, or the effectiveness of the LED grow lights. Higher the value, larger the number of photon received by plant at a certain time. 1500 PPFD is usually regarded as the standard of natural sunlight, which is equivalent to 100,000 lux, if you use the traditional unit. Since we need to adjust the brightness of grow light, we offer dimmer switch for the LED grow lights. We can observe that many reviewed LED grow lights do not have this important feature, which dramatically enhance the flexibility when using the LED lights for growing.

8. No harmful and toxic chemicals – The cheap LED grow lights are certificated by RoHS, which does not contain mercury. To fulfil the social responsibility, we cannot make the products that will damage our environment. It is because leakage of mercury into water can cause catastrophic consequence on ecosystem. If you look at other luminary says incandescent bulbs. They have many heavy metal components such as tungsten. With its frequent replacement, it increases a lot of burden on the environment.

9. Lesser heat generation – our low price LED grow lights generate very small amount of heat which is beneficial for the luminaries itself and the plants. First, if the intrinsic temperature of the luminary is too high, the deterioration will be accelerated, and thus reduce the brightness and life span of the LED grow light. For the plants, high temperature light will burn and decolorize the leaves. In light of this, we attach great important in reducing the heat generation of LED grow light. Although the grow lights are cheap, we adopt high quality LED chips to solve this problem. We install lower power LED chips having high luminous efficiency. Therefore, the lights are of low temperature but as bright as normal sunlight. This feature is less likely to be mentioned in the reviews of LED grow lights.

10. Modularization – it is the characteristics of our LED grow lights which assist your maintenance. Modular means that you can replace the individual unit of the luminaries if artificial damage occur. If some of the bulbs are broken, you have no need to take out the entire unit; instead, we can provide you with the LED grow lighting modular units. The replacement is very user-friendly and can be done within 10 – 15 minutes. Though the chance of light goes off is very slim, this feature offer you a prompt and easy way to repair the LED grow light.

Cheap LED lights for glowing plants

11. Full color spectrum – let’s do this review, the cheap LED grow light is versatile that can produce full spectrum lights. If you want monochromic color says orange or purple, you can adjust the color by using USB DMX 512 approach. On the other hand, if you prefer the natural sunlight, you can switch to white color mode. Color changing LED grow light is our exclusive feature and you will not get the similar products if you take a look at other reviewed LED grow lights. How to select the appropriate wavelength or color for my plants? It really depends on the types of your herbs. There will be a vast difference, says for cannabis, lettuce or the stadium grass.

12. Various beam angles available – you can select different beam angles for cheap LED grow lights. For the smaller beam angle, the light will be more concentrated. To decide the proper supplemental lighting for growth, we need to know the size, like the area of your plant arrangement. If you have no idea on how to select the power wattage and beam angle of the low cost LED grow light, our professional engineers can give you the free opinion on the selection.

If you would like to buy the LED grow light of low price, or acquire much info, please feel free to drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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