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Chips Inside Our High Power Outdoor LED Lights
2017-04-18 18:26:38

Chips Inside Our High Power Outdoor LED Lights



Today we will go over the intrinsic components of our high-power outdoor LED lights since we received overwhelming enquiries on our LED chips adopted and their features. ledsmaster adopts chips made by CREE (USA), bridgelux (USA) and OSRAM (Germany), which are the mainstream manufacturers. We can define quality of the chips by brightness, light uniformity, decay and angle. OSRAM, generally speaking, has top quality but it is the most expensive, while CREE has high quality and affordable price.

Why would LEDSMASTER  select CREE’s & OSRAM LED chips?

Ledsmaster has versatile product lines, from Starter to Expert-level LED lighting solutions. The basic version LED outdoor high power lights are equipped with CREE, while the high-end would be OSRAM. We select CREE because it has a unique feature of negligible attenuation of lumen output for the first 10,000 hours operation, and the latest encapsulation technique that enhance the life-span of high-power outdoor LED lights.

If the end user would like to achieve the exceptionally high-power outdoor LED lights, says for FIFA or Olympic Games, OSRAM chips would be suggested because their chips achieve highest brightness and light uniformity; therefore, out OSRAM high-power LED soccer light chips can always give you the best sports lighting solutions!

What are their strengths?

1st Generation

2nd Generation

In 2017, LEDSMASTER launches a brand-new series of high-power outdoor led lights.We adopt brighter chips in the 2nd gen, and the structure enhancing ground reach ability and light uniformity. The thermal resistance of new chip drops to 4°C/watt, that dramatically reduces the unwanted heat generation. The upcoming chapter will discuss the strengths of our brand-new series in detail. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our high-power LED outdoor lights at present@ledsmaster.com

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