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Effective ways to Save Energy at School
2017-12-11 16:21:25

How can we effectively Save Energy at School?

Energy saving at school

It is high time to save energy at school! According to California government, considerable amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are contributed by energy consumption. Schools should have taken various measures to help relieve global warming that leads to catastrophic climate change. Saving energy at school can not only reduces electricity bill, but also protect our Earth. This chapter is going to explore various energy saving tips at colleges.

To begin with, we can have a look at how energy is spent at school. The first three major proportions are air conditioning, lighting and computer equipment. Believe it or not, the annual electricity cost per school ranges from $100,000 to $300,000, depending on the size and scale of college. Therefore, there is necessity to save energy at schools as much as we can.

Control the use of air conditioning

The most effective way is to set the room temperature to 25.5 C during summer. If you conduct the survey, you will find that some students may complain about the freezing classrooms and hallways. In fact, we sometimes overuse the cooling functions. To further reduce room temperature, we can replace the old luminaires to LED lighting. The conventional metal halide lamps produce many heat when lighting up the room, much energy is wasted to heat. Since LED does not product many heat during operation, replacing the lamps to LED is a good way to conserve energy at school.

As for tips during winter, an inconceivable way to reduce energy consumption is using double-pane windows. Air is a good insulator if you study Physics. By trapping air layer between two windows, the room temperature can be maintained in a relatively higher range.

Conserve energy at school by replacing metal halide to LED lighting

As a LED lighting manufacturer, we can deeply explain to you the advantages of using this technology at college. After LED replacement of metal halide, school saves energy up to 70% it is because LED has higher lighting efficiency. It means for the same power consumption, LED gives out brighter lights. Switch to LED can save the environment as well, it is because metal halide lamps have very short life cycle – about half to one year. The brightness decline is significant after using it for 1 year. On the contrary, LED has 80,000 hours life span, which is equivalent to 20 years based on 10 hours daily use. Lesser replacement relieves burden on landfill.

Using solar energy is a new trend for conserving energy at schools. Since LED can operate under low voltage of 12V or 24V, and have low power consumption, this renewable energy is compatible to LED lights. You can enjoy unlimited energy source by using solar panels.

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