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Football Stadium LED Lights Powered by Solar Energy
2017-04-07 18:45:35

Football Stadium LED Lights Powered by Solar Energy


When it comes to the advantages of LED football arena lighting, cutting energy bill and maintenance fees would be pointed out. You can gain these instant advantages because of tremendous efficiency and energy-saving properties of our LED stadium floodlighting.

Is it possible to illuminate the 55000 seat stadium by just dozens of LED sports arena lighting?

We need approx. 50-100 sets of 1000W high power LED sports flood light to illuminate the turf of soccer stadium or arena, in accordance with the size of lawn field & the height of arena. Our stadium light produces 800-1000 lux for international soccer matches. To further save money on electricity bill, the outdoor LEDs can be connected to solar panels to become solar powered lights.

“We are interested in selecting LedsMaster as our stadium luminary supplier, how will I receive the lighting solution?”

You are welcome to drop us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com . By providing the detailed scenario, such as the size of turf, height or pole, lux requirement or photos, our sales representatives will solve your enquiries within 24 hours. A free DIALux simulation will be supplied later on. Since we are the experienced LED sports light manufacturer, we offer custom-made & appropriate lighting solutions for all venues!

How reliable are we?

LedsMaster provides high-quality LED Soccer Stadium Lighting Solutions for 10+ years. Please contact us for our past project compilation.  

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