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Fun Facts: 4 Popular & Unusual Sports
2017-07-23 19:57:37

4 Popular & Unusual Sports

Sports for Kids

We all love doing sports. Gathering & competing with friends, sweating, losing weight… Sports is beneficial to both physical & mental health, such as building strength & cutting down pressure. We will have a look at various sports, including both popular and unusual ones.

1. Football

LED Football Light Stadium Light

Do you know football was invented in China B.C.? The rough leather was sewed and inflated. Since 1900, football became the constant item in Olympic Games. The committee imposes rigorous standard on lighting design, such as the horizonal (turf) & vertical (portrait) brightness requirement. You are welcome to have a look at our LED lights specially designed for football stadium.

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2. Underwater Hockey

underwater hockey LED light

The underwater hockey match is consisted of 12 players on each side, the pool dimension is 25 x 15m. In the depth of 2-4m, the players hold their breath, and fight for the 1.5 kg lead puck. It is much more challenging than ice hockey because underwater involves 3D spatial movement; in addition, you would inevitably give up the puck from time to time in according to your lung capacity. To light up the pool, a light that can penetrate the deep water is needed. LedsMaster high power sports light is equipped with premium lens that reduce the scattering in air or water up to 70%.

3. Basketball

LED Basketball Light Stadium Light

5 players on each side of the team conduct the match in the court having the size of 28.7 x 15.2m. You can enjoy shooting practice in your backyard, or the exciting games with your friends in stadium. We manufacture versatile LED flood light for basketball court. The beam angle (indicating the spread of light) can be up to 120°, and thus light up your backyard basketball court widely & evenly. With our exclusive dense aluminum fins heat dissipation system, the operation temperature can be maintained at an acceptable range; also, the lights tolerate common adverse weather condition thanks to its IP66/IP68 rating.

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4. Quidditch

Quidditch Sports

Quidditch is an international ball game inspired by Harry Potter films. Each team is consisted of 7 members. They need to hold a broomstick and grab the ball. The rule of Quidditch is similar to that of rugby except the players have one hand left only in most of the time. How do you feel on it?

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