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Green Manufacturing Process of LED Lights
2017-04-18 18:29:20

Green Manufacturing Process of LED Lights


LEDSMASTER offers high quality LED lighting solutions for sports lighting, like football field sports lighting , tennis courts sports lighting etc. We promote the use of LED lighting because of its lower carbon emission that saves the environment. During the manufacturing process, we minimize the harmful effect on surroundings by rigorous control of material used and waste disposal. Substantial development would be our first and foremost value.

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To begin with, we place the raw aluminum frames neatly to avoid fall accident. They will then enter the computer-controlled milling machine to make the dense fins. Meanwhile the milling waste will be stored and filtered before discharge. The metal fragment will be collected and recycled. After various steps as shown in the above figure, the LED lights are ready to be packed and shipped. As we can see numerous steps require delicate, handmade technique, it would be quite exhausting truly speaking. To maintain our worker’s health, frequent breaks will be given. We strongly believe that cozy working environment is compulsory for workers, and it enhances accuracy and efficiency.

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LEDSMASTER’s maximum manufacturing capacity is 2000 sets/month, and we usually complete the orders within 20-35 days depending on the number & type of LED lights. If you wish to explore our detailed manufacturing process, simply click into the below button or drop us a message at present@ledsmaster.com

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