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High Bay LED Retrofit Kits Replacement Guide
2017-10-30 10:55:22

High Bay LED Retrofit Kits

LedsMaster offer best high bay LED retrofit bulbs for commercial and industrial application. You can replace the high bay lights to LED with ease by using the original plugs on your warehouse or factory. Our LED retrofit kits are suitable for replacing 400W metal halide high bay lighting fixtures. You will enjoy 80,000 hours life span and remarkable brightness & uniformity after switch to LED.

High Bay LED Retrofit Kits for 400W Metal Halide Bulb

Buy High Bay LED Retrofit Kits – Guide to HID & Metal Halide Replacement

Advantages of LED High Bay Retrofit Kits

Exceptional Life Span: After retrofitting LED lamps for metal halide high bay, you can enjoy the 80,000 hours operation time of LED. When comparing to 3000 hours of Metal Halide and HID, there is a significant difference. Although the initial buying cost is higher, it is worthwhile to make this investment because it can save your replacement cost for long run. 5 years warranty is provided by LedsMaster as well.

Heat Sink System

Reduction in heat generation: You will probably observe that high bay lights do generate heat. Persistent high temperature inside HID and metal halide lamps will decrease the brightness and let them goes off quicker. Our LED retrofit kits designed to solve the issue by installing effective heat dissipation system. This include dense fins at the back of luminary. By making use of this large surface area, the heat inside high bay LED retrofit kits can be conducted away with high rate.

Energy cost: In your current setting, you may install hundreds of HID of metal halide bulbs and thus drag a lot energy. Despite this, the brightness is not very satisfactory. Nevertheless, you can save energy up to 70% and this electricity bill by replacing the 400W Metal Halide High Bay. LED has luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is 2.5 times higher than HID and Metal Halide Bulbs.

Instant on off: if you are using HID or Metal Halide bulbs, you will find it take approximately 10 mins to wait for them to achieve full brightness. It is the inherent properties of these kinds of luminary. However, you will enjoy 0 second turn on and off of high bay LED retrofit kits. It saves your time and offers better user experience and maintenance ways.

If you want to obtain much info, please feel free to contact us: beatus@ledsmaster.com

Warehouse Lighting After High Bay Retrofit

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