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High Power LED Introduction - Do LED Bulbs Save Money?
2017-10-24 18:06:31

Does High Power LED Light Save Money?


About LED Lighting Technology

Who do not want to save money? There are a variety of websites and other documentation techniques that you can save your water and electricity costs. Nowadays, there are many alternative new technic and energy to consider. One of the example is solid-state LED technology. Although the High Power LED has been used for decades, but recently manufacturers have begun to expand their product lines from simple diode lamps, which is a benchmark for several years ago, and more complex versions.

The average house contains about 45 bulbs. As a result, lighting occupies most of the utility costs. Americans spend 25% of electricity on public bills lighting. Flashlight, solar lights at outdoor and headlights built-in brighter LED. Recently, the new home LED is available. However, what are their price? Yes, it is not the lowest price. But this story has more, and not just the initial cost of the bulbs. In fact, by switching to this energy-efficient lighting, knowing how much money you can save is amazing.

Is LED Light Having Large Power Economically Worthwhile?

From the traditional lighting to High Power LED technology is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to the initial cost. However, in the analysis, it is revealed that the initial cost of high investment costs can be recovered in many ways. We compare the analysis of the typical American family in the traditional lighting and LED-based lighting, from all aspects of cost.

Customers can not switch from traditional lighting to High Power LED lights for many reasons. But nothing is greater than the lack of awareness of this new technology and the many benefits it offers. Even a few people who knew the new technology delayed the decision because of the high initial purchase cost. An in-depth analysis of this technology shows that investing in LEDs is economically viable and technically viable.

The "Real" Cost of the Bulb

The fact is that LED bulbs live longer than incandescent bulbs. Their estimated life expectancy is 50,000 hours +. Some of the newer lamps can last for 100,000 hours.

For the purposes of the discussion, however, we compared the standard 30 incandescent bulbs and 50,000 hours 30 LED lights for many American families today. Incandescent lamp life of 2600 hours. Therefore, in an LED bulb throughout the life cycle, you need to buy 20 incandescent 30.

Power cost: The entire US electricity costs from 0.07 US dollars / kWh to 0.23 US dollars / kWh range. We pay our bill based on KWh.

In the first calculation, we compared 20 LED par25 5-watt bulbs and 20 incandescent bulbs with 50 Watt. The 5-watt LED bulb offers the same luminous intensity as the incandescent bulb with 45 to 60 watts.

The electricity cost of using 20 incandescent bulbs per day for 8 hours is $ 1872. The cost of replacing the LED lights is $ 230 Saving $ 1642 per year.

The result could be quite obvious.

Final words: Real Savings

We have just calculate the saving by year, adding the lifetime into consideration, LED lights has 16 times of lifetime compare with incandescent bulbs, roughly at least 10 years of lifetime, meas that a total saving of $1734 x 10 = $17340 over the total life time of LED Bulb.

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