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How to DIY Innovative Christmas Light Show at Home?
2017-12-14 15:44:20

DIY tips for creating stunning Christmas Lights Show by LED Lights

Christmas Lighting Decoration Idea

Have you ever thought about DIY the Christmas light shows in you home? We will introduce to you our RGB color changing wall washer lights for Christmas decoration, which is easy-to-use, time saving and innovative. The traditional lighting decoration is weary, such as tiny light bulbs on Christmas tree, light strips flashing at the same pattern, and empty gift boxes under the tree. In 2017, we have an innovative decoration idea for Christmas.

Music and color synchronization lighting effect

We create your own stunning lighting effect, wee need a RGB LED wall washer and a computer. Let’s look at the characteristics of this color changing LED lights. First, it produces 16 million colors lights, you can manipulate the colors on each set of luminaires. Then, it is super bright that light up your home. For a medium-sized and ordinary living room, 1 to 2 sets of wall washer will be more than enough. As for the lighting effect, if you don’t touch anything but just turning them on, they will produce random colors. For a complicated and rhythmic lighting effect for Christmas, you can connect the wall washer with a computer. With the use of special hardware and software, the colors of light change according to music beat. The working principle is the software detect the pitch (of frequency) of sound and convert it to corresponding wavelength (or colors) of light. If you want to try the effects other than music-light synchronization, the software has many templates such as vigorous flashing, gradient color changing and more. You can look at our demonstration on RGB wall washer lights on YouTube.

“I am not a programmer or Christmas lighting designer. Can I master them?” Absolutely, you can commence the astonishing Christmas light show by a few simple clicks. No programming is needed. Once you play the music, the wall washer lights will automatically produce bewitching color changing effects. The advantage of LED light is extra-long life span of 80,000 hours. After Christmas, you can use this wall washer as an ordinary light source because it can produce white light as well. Is this multi-functional lighting device for your Christmas decoration impressive? If you want to acquire much info, you can approach us by the following email.

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