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How to Light Up your Basketball Stadium by LED Flood Light?
2017-07-11 16:04:33

How to Use Basketball Court Lighting?

Are you enthusiastic about basketball games? Basketball court lighting allows us to enjoy the matches during daytime. But how about doing your favorite sport at night? You may doubt no lighting is provided in many outdoor fields. Even some of them installed the light, the brightness is clearly insufficient. The rationale behind would be saving electricity bill, so the traditional basketball court lights installed are very dim. Nevertheless, what if I told you there is a kind of basketball court lighting that saves 75% of energy when comparing to obsolete metal halide? You’re right, the answer is LED flood lights.

Basketball lights with different color temperature

*LedsMaster LEDs color temperature ranged between 2800K (left) & 7500K (right)

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Optics, Brightness & Uniformity of basketball court lighting

By selecting LED, you can enjoy its ultra-brightness. In accordance with out studies, our 150 watts LED light retrofits 400 watts metal halide basketball court lighting. Isn’t it impressive? In addition, LedsMaster develops a special optics that concentrate the light beam in a designated area, so as to further enhance the energy efficiency & reduce the glare of basketball court lighting. Uniformity is another concern. A good quality outdoor light should illuminate the court uniformly, which means the light is evenly distribute and do not have abrupt light or dim spots.

LED basketball lights package & installation

To protect the lights during delivery, the lights are packed in a hard paper or wooden contained according to their weight & size. The foam covers the corners to absorb impact. Some may wonder the lights are difficult to install. It depends on the scale & brightness requirement of your basketball court. For the private one, basketball hoop light having 100-150 lux would be comfortable to conduct the games; however, if your project requests professional LED basketball lights fixtures, 500-700 lux & a few thousand watts of LEDs would be installed.

DIALux simulation of LEDs

*Quick look at the outcome of light

Free DIALux service on basketball courts

DIALux is a software simulating the ground brightness of lights. Some may ask how can we predict the outcome of the outdoor lights? This software produces false color rendering graph that reflect the brightness (lux) of the field. For example, green represents 250 lux & red 437.5 lux. The number increases with brightness. By providing us with the brightness requirement, area, and installation height (optional), LedsMaster would carefully evaluate the most suitable basketball court lighting solution.

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Basketball light series

*LedsMaster manufactures versatile LED flood lights

Our LED products

LedsMaster has a wide range of products that fit for amateur or professional use. The private basketball court needs approx. 4-10 sets of small lower flood light while professional one may install 30-50 sets of high-power sports flood lights. Our exclusive heat dissipation further enhances the brightness & life span of our LED sports light. As for the material, we adopt light-weight, strong, and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy; besides, with its IP66 rating, LedsMaster sports flood light can tolerate adverse weather conditions.

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