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How to Select Arena Lights? | High Power Flood Light
2017-07-28 14:00:57

Arena Lights

LED Stadium Lights & football field lighting

Are you looking for professional, high power Arena Lights and Stadium Lights? In order to light up a football field, you may need 50-100 sets of Outdoor Arena Lights of High Power. Providing appropriate LED Lights for sport stadium is not just purchasing and then affixing to ceiling; before the decision is made, we should have a look at the technical parameters of the arena lights.

1. High Luminosity Level of Outdoor Arena Lights

LedsMaster develops Premium Precise Optical Lens System that enhance the lighting efficiency of Arena Lights up to 60%-80%. The major principle is that doing fine adjustment in case-by-case basis. By making using of this technology & the most advanced chips, you can always obtain the centrally focused light beam & then a lighting solution having the best solution for you Arena & Stadium.

Anti-glare Football field lighting

2.  Anti-glare System Inside Outdoor Arena Lighting

With our exclusive lens technology, the glare when looking at the side is reduced to 20%. It is a vital feature for Sports Lights & Outdoor Arena Lights because the surrounding residential area would be affected, and the players and spectators should not be affected by the glare during football matches. Before the launch of lighting product, we always take the relevant side effects of the lights into consideration, such as light pollution induced by Arena Lighting.

Effective heat dissipation of our LED football lights

3. Open Design of our LED Arena Lights

If you take a close look at the back of the Outdoor Arena Lights, you will find that there is space between each row as shown in the above figure. This design has numerous advantages. First, the air resistance can be greatly reduced as the strong wind ventilates through the gaps; then, it further enhances heat dissipation of Outdoor Arena Lights because of larger surface area of the aluminum fins.

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4. Modular Design of Outdoor Arena Lights

The Outdoor Arena Lights & Stadium Lights might be susceptible to unforeseeable damage, though the chance is very slim. It is not an easy task when it comes to full repair. LedsMaster develops modular design that allow replacement of individual unit of LED chips, which saves time & maintenance cost.

5. Long Life Span of Sports Lights

LedsMaster LED outdoor Arena Lights operates at least 80,000 hours at L70, which is equivalent to 27 years (8 hours per day). The secret behind is our heat dissipation & rigorous tests. The dense Aluminum fins at the back provides large surface area for heat dissipation. According to the studies, heat accelerates the wearing of LED chips and thus affect the life span & brightness, that gives you durable Outdoor Arena Lights.

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6. Customization on Outdoor Arena Lights and Flood Lights

Our free tailor-made service on Outdoor Arena Lights guarantees the best lighting solution for your sports stadium. With the fact that the height & weight limitation of poles, brightness requirement and size of field would be vastly different in every case; our engineer, therefore, would consider every single element & then design the most suitable LED arena lighting solution.

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