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How to light up the rinks for World Junior Ice Hockey 2018 Championships with LED?
2017-12-27 10:31:34

How to light up the rinks for World Junior Ice Hockey 2018 Championships with LED?

Ice Hockey World Junior Championships is an annual, international ice hockey tournament for adolescent below 20. We are so proud of being a main supplier of LED ice hockey lights for stadium, which light up the top tier IIHF world championships ice arena! The elite teams such as US, Canada, Russia, and Swiss take part in this popular sport in Denmark for 2018. Last year USA team got the championship, while silver was Canada, and bronze was Russia. 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Tournament is about to start. Let’s explore how can we prepare the essential lighting for world-class ice hockey rinks.

LED lights for 2018 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

Ice Rink Lighting Requirements

a) Energy saving

According to IIHF ice rink lighting guide, the electricity consumed due to ice surface lighting should not exceed 12% of total power consumption. Therefore, it is important that the lighting fixtures of ice rink should be energy saving. Indeed, LED is a very mature technology that offers high power efficiency (or luminous efficiency) when comparing to metal halide lamps. Some stadium owner is willing to do metal halide replacement for ice hockey rink with LED because after doing so, the energy bill is reduced by half. It is because under the same power used, the LED lights can produce two-time brightness. The document also states that the lux requirement for recreational ice rink should be 500 lux, in order to offer proper illumination for the players, which is the basic requirement in 2018.

Ice hockey rink lighting requirement

b) Low temperature

Another important feature for Ice Hockey World Junior Championship is low temperature LED lights. If the light source creates much heat for the ice surface, it will consume unnecessary energy to cooling down the surface. LED ice hockey lights are suitable for low temperature venue because it does not contribute much heat on the ground because 95% of energy input is used as generate lumen, and only 5% of the remaining energy goes to heat.

c) Color rendering index

High color rendering index (CRI) means the observe can see the real color of objects when lights are projected to that object. The official IIHF and World Junior Championship require CRI of about 80 (range of CRI is 0 min to 100 max). LedsMaster manufacturers LED lights for ice rink having 85 CRI which satisfy this requirement.

If you want to buy ice hockey rink lights for Junior Ice Hockey Championships in US, Russia, Canada or other countries, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com. We offer global delivery. You can also fill in the info at this page if you prefer using contact form. Thank you.

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