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How to select right LED Downlight & Recessed Downlight?
2017-12-22 13:24:32

LED Downlight Tips

LED downlight application

When it comes to new shop decoration, we will think of the LED downlight. It is the luminaires that are attach to the holes of ceiling. The appearance is better than traditional light bulb because the recessed downlight is not protruding. Instead, it hides very neatly inside the drop ceiling. LED is a mainstream light source nowadays because of its countless advantages. This page will help you select the proper lighting for your household and commercial downlights.

To select the appropriate size of the LED downlight, first thing you need to measure is the diameter of the light hole. Usually there are many standard size such as 4, 5, 6 inch and more. If you have very special size of your opening, you can let us know and we can offer you tailor-made downlights LED. After solving the size problem, we can focus on the brightness needed. Improper lighting will cause adverse effects on the shop.

Generally, for general commercial shops, 250 lux is quite a common brightness for the LED downlight. Nonetheless, some boutique owners request up to 400 lux to attract the attention of the people outside. There is no fixed rule and it depends on your need and nature of you shop. For example, for a coffee shop, it will be more relaxing to have the dimmable LED downlight. It is because you can control the brightness of the indoor region from time to time.

In the monetary perspective, LED is a good choice. It is true that we need so many LED downlights, the number can be up to hundred and even thousand. After installing them, you can save 50% cost for your electricity bill, if you make the comparison between metal halide and LED recessed lights. Therefore, it is observed that using the above luminaires have many advantages, and the proper lighting design can enhance your sales.

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